More Mission Types

Id really like it that we can get more than 1 mission type.

  • Meaby convoy defence a train or truck that has a pre path where you have to defend them pick where your mech will have to take shots to protect the convoy or try to kill enemy convoy before it leaves the map.

  • Take point on the map for hacking, you have to take a building to hack it for a couple of turns the friendly unit need to be near the hack objective 4 turns to win automaticly with out killing all enemies on the map or kill enemys but you have to wait extra time after mission with the salvage

  • Capture enemy commander you need to disable a specific enemy on the map in order to win the game, if he ejects you have to find him on the map like your pilots.

  • Demolition takeout a building on the map while enemies are attacking you in waves or defence hold out for a set number of turns with new enemie units drop in every 2 turns insted of 3.

Just a posible idea to think about.


The developers stated in their gameplay reveal that they already have a scenario system set up, but the system hasn’t been tested thoroughly for bugs yet.

I like the demolition idea you have though. It would be cool if we had to place charges on key buildings. If would be even cooler if those charges could be used to destroy surroundings mechs.

-Town Rescue
This idea comes from watching the first trailer where the invaders have a battleline of tanks just devastating a town. Maybe a large force of enemies (multiple waves not expected to survive against) continuously enters the map from one side. But the mission goal is to protect civilian units (if not groups of people than civilian vehicles) while they retreat to an escape line on the other side of the map. The battlefield could be of towns or small cities. Though you can fail by losing all of the civilians you’re there to protect, there could be a bonus “additional freedom support” to be gained based on how many civilians are rescued.

Maybe the mission only ends when the player has all of their units fall back over the escape line as well.

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