New player, thoughts and feedback so far

First off, lemme just say that I love the game!

The art style, the combat mechanics, the music; MY GOD THE MUSIC. (It’s stuck in my head, someone please help lol.) A lot of this feedback is going to be on things that need work; but I don’t want to give the wrong impression. The game is in a very early state and what’s here is amazing, so I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to give some constructive feedback. If any of this stuff is already in the works, or suggested constantly; I apologize. I’m just going to type these up as they come to me, in a loose format; so bear with me if it’s a bit scattered.

-Managing my pilots and mechs is pretty clunky, it’d be great to be able to group them into squads so I can easily swap my A team and B team out for each mission.
-Mission difficulty is hard to judge. The game seems to imply that I can view detailed enemy count and such when I get closer but I haven’t figured out how if it’s possible. It’d be nice to know when I can get away with sending less than 4 mechs.
-The map is huge, which makes it hard to keep track of convoys or attacking squads, perhaps some kind of simplified mini map in the corner Starcraft style?
-Speaking of the map, the smoke clouds over towns confuse me, they seem to never go away; does that mean something?

-A “person” camera mode. I can never get close enough to the ground! Being able to see your mechs from a “infantry” level perspective would be neat.
-A “cinematic” camera mode. Similar to racing game replays where the camera kind of shifts and pans of it’s own accord. I realize this is no small task however, when you consider all the buildings and stuff it could clip into.
-A replay ability, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all 4 mechs during the playback, and I often find someone took damage or killed something and I didn’t get to see why/how it happened. Being able to watch it again to view different angles or events would be great.
-More mech aesthetic customization. How about some placeable decals if possible?

-Actually seems pretty good so far, I don’t have much to say on this. (I am drowning in supply points, but I assume this is because mech repair cots hasn’t been implemented yet?)
-Repair times, I assume this is just a first pass, but eventually they will be longer or shorter depending on damage or how easy to repair a part is right? (A lot of the flavor text mentions certain parts being difficult to repair.) As it is there is really never any reason not to repair if you’re going to salvage, they both take 6 hours.

-More destruction! The game looks it’s best in a city when buildings are collapsing, trucks are exploding, and mechs are firing. It looks it’s worse in a forest or field where there isn’t much to react to your mechs. Perhaps some more effects like mud and grass flying up or destroyable things could be added in the sparser locations? (Without over crowding them of course.)
-Mech design is superb, reminds me of Halo:Reach armor; and that’s a good thing.

-I was surprised I couldn’t get 60fps on 1080p with an i7, GTX1070, and 16 Gb of ram. My computer isn’t top of the line anymore, but it pushes games much better looking. I assume there is a lot of optimization to be done?

-Music is top notch, 10/10.
-Mech sounds are passable, but I’d personally like them to be amped up, especially if you are zoomed in on a mech. Steel hitting concrete, the whirring of hydraulics as the torso slews, personally I don’t think they can be noisy enough.

-Just more of everything! Lol. Seriously though, I’m sure all that is in the works so I’m not going to mention stuff that goes without saying like more events, a supply cost for repairs, consequences for event decisions; I’m sure that’s all already being worked on.

Again, I can’t stress enough how much I’m already enjoying the game in it’s current state. I was leery of buying into it so early as the last time I did that (Subnautica) I didn’t get a game I was happy with until years later; and by then my experience was a bit tarnished by what came before. As far as Phantom Brigade goes, if what we had now was all we were getting I’d consider it light on content but still give it a 7/10 for nailing the basics. Great job dev’s, please keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to many updates.

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I’m having a blast as well. The current iteration of the game is already very solid, it’s very exciting to see what comes next. I love XCOM and at some point wish there is another game like that but all your guys are MEC troopers. Phantom Brigade definitely ticks every box on my wishlist, but with a twist on top of that.

That said I do hope there is more variety in combat, such as:

Enemies: More varieties, plus choppers. Also those high buildings in enemy outposts and forts, perhaps there could be turrets there? It’s sad when you raid a fortress and there’s only one mech and two tanks. Also it is weird that sometimes I spawn inside the fortress while the enemies are outside.

Battlefield: More biomes and hazards. I think I had enough of European forests and towns. Throw some cities, swamp, desert and tundra into the mix. Also hazards like mud that slows down mechs, and fuel tanks that explode when shot or crashed into. Power lines that when destroyed will force all turrets to use backup power which will run out in a few turns.

Squad: Upgrades that make your mobile base better at its job, like radar, salvage, movement and repairs. I do think the base should appear in the battlefield as well, even if it’s just a immovable object. It should serve as a launch and extraction point, and when destroyed you will lose the mission (but it should be very beefy). More weapons, especially back or shoulder mounted ones is always good.

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