Nice to have ideas for the game :)


here are some idea that would be nice to have in the game

  • Triple click to select all similar building and do a similar action on all at once (repair, upgrade, assign people, etc …)

  • a repair all button (seems i saw one but don t have it anymore)

  • remember selection (for building, like in starcraft to quickly reselect all turrets for example by clicking on ctrl + 1)

  • when something is finish (a construction, an upgrade …) a list of last 5 events log clickable to center frame the target of the message

  • an upgrade all button

  • a colored map to see which batiment is at which level (to upgrade quickly)

  • more turrets or defense

  • a shield dome deployable that could consume more energy but protect building better :wink:

  • when the city is big also, sometimes, and there a a lot of building to repair near each others, it s hard to select them (with the semi transparency effect, because the repair status bar is place on bottom of the buildind, and not easy to see which building i m clicking on, even when i rotating the view. so maybe having a top vertical camera view, or hide with a filter , building that don’t need reparation ? something like this :slight_smile:

anyway , thanks for the great games so far :slight_smile:

Good suggestions overall. The repair all button is on the HQ btw.

We should be getting eventually more defenses, including our own flying ships!

Power displaying in the HUD is really a great help.
Attribute different colours for the surveyed ressources is always the best idea, that brings us a fast vision of the ressources ready to claim.

Here are some new suggestions :

  • What about a save of our favorite job priorities management ? 'because repairing building is not the first priority at starting of a new game.
  • In one clic, “survey all the area” => surveying all the ruins that are located in the area of the HQ , on game starting that brings a fast vision of the accessibility of the nearby ressources and orient the construction area of the vital buildings.
  • A surprise ruin hiding a rare ressource like fuel or lithium for battery, that could compensates some provisional powerlack or power draining.

Thank you for this great and BYG game.

We actually have plans for some of these already! I agree many of these ideas would make the game better.

Thank you Andy for your aproving of some of the suggestions and ideas :wink:

How about managing waste for improving wellness and better life quality of the employees ?
How about a waste recycling bonus that gives to the Titan Society a green ressource in return for building a greenhouse or other green buildings ?
A green counterbalancing management against pollution would be, i guess, THE great ecologic challenge and message of IoT :stuck_out_tongue: