No need for residential/offices/unbalanced as the game currently stands

I love this game btw and I know it’s in early access but after playing a few games (all coming to a halt because of the worker idle bug) here’s what I have to say.

in all my games I’ve never had more than 1 level 1 residential building and never built an office building, I’ve found out you only need about 4 ad station’s inside a factory and you’ll earn enough credits pretty quickly to unlock most other building within an hour or two of gameplay.

Again inside a factory I normally put down 4 beds meaning I can have upto 8 residents staying inside a factory. 4 of these will be on the ad stations and the others I will use to convert when I get some artifacts.
I then also have 2 conversion stations (still inside the same factory) to get the worker ball rolling. Remember
This is all within 1 level 3 factory.

This means all I have to do is unlock the conversion station building and build as many as I can. All I’ll be doing is buying residents from the ship station (upto 4 at a time) and converting them as soon as they land meaning they don’t need a residential area to stay.

At the moment I feel like offices are wasted and credits are to easily obtained, same with residential buildings, maybe they’ll have more use/ balanced in future updates and yes I under stand its early access just thought I’d put out my opinion/thought as the game currently stands ?

Love the game and great work so far!

This is a very common feedback that we get with the current state of the game. I think this particular issue will work itself out over time as we continue to add more features that differentiate the Factory phase with the building phase. One example of how we are going to add more diversity between the two strategies is by adding more attributes and gameplay systems. For example, one reason you will want to build Residential buildings is because they provide Pollution Resistance. Population living in buildings will survive the damage of Pollution for much longer.

One of the first milestones we want to add after we finish combat is Population Simulation, that adds factors like Happiness and Sleep schedule into the game. With more systems at play, we can make the benefit of running one strategy more distinct than the other. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the game as we add more updates to it!