No patrols, unit base level still 1

Hey, I’m on the latest version of the game, 0.2.1-b1023, and there are a couple of things that were supposed to be patched out or modified that still persist.

First, I’m still not getting any enemy patrols outside of Ostbager-Weil. I’ve searched through every last one of the surrounding regions and there’s not a single patrol to be found- there are plenty of 4-star heavy convoys, but no patrols.

Second, I’ve completely liberated Ostbager-Weil, but the units I build in the workshop still only start at level 1.

Okay, so I figured out the first one- I got strong enough to kill one of the convoys, and a patrol immediately spawned. So, basically, no convoys were reaching their destinations and being removed from the map, cluttering up everything.


Hey @StoneofTriumph this is actually incredibly useful information for us, thank you so much for your post! I’d noticed that my patrols were also not spawning past a certain point, this is a good hint in the right direction to figure out why the issue is occurring. Thanks!

Patrols related information. I was at level 16 or 17, and I found several patrols stuck on the lakeshore that was close-by.