Notes from a 45 hour playthrough

I enjoyed this game and look very much forward to its future development. Here are my thoughts from my first 45 hour playthrough, a sandbox game with rebels set to easy.

  1. I need a way to copy buildings wholesale. Often, by investing resources and time, I can fill a warehouse with devices and vastly outperform the standalone power, fuel, or storage buildings. I build for the future in building games, so I try to maximize efficiency both of rate and real estate early. However, spending 25 minutes rebuilding the same warehouse full of generators, batteries, etc when there is one I have already built and tested waiting to be copied in detail is frustating. Take a page from Tropico 6: allow buildings to be copied with details, settings, and devices.

  2. I need a way to color code buildings. The fact that I can outperform basically every standalone building with factories filled with devices means that most buildings are factories, and hence look the same. 48 factories that perform a myriad function but all look the same is a problem. I’d like at least to be able to color my factory, and ideally apply some sort of light or logo to the building too: imagine a yellow warehouse with a “fuel” flame light on it’s roof, filled with fuel storage tanks, instead of mud brown / gold lights reprised.

  3. Figured out how to build a ship with trial and error, and then some of the problems with my design by watching the ships fail (fortunately not catastrophically.) Tutorial of basic ground rules of ship building would be most welcome.

  4. Was a long time before I found the “repair all” button. Would also like a “replace destroyed buildings” button. By the time you are 40 hours in with just two rebel settlements left, you have a considerable number of buildings and a considerable amount of resources, so demanding micro-reconstruction when you’re trying to cover enough real estate to gain control over the rebel camps just feels like “punish the user” thinking rather than “shift the user’s problem set” thinking.

  5. Pylon ranges are tediously short. Maybe if they had longer ranges, but were targeted more intelligently by the AI, this would be more balanced. After all, why is that ship shooting my upgraded gun rather than the fragile pylon right next to it that powers both the gun and all the infrastructure that surrounds it? Derp derp.

  6. My game ended not with victory, but with total paralysis of my workforce. All my employees who were not in a full time job simply stopped and stood at the last device they had built. I deleted this device: no deconstruction could occur because workforce was stilled. I deleted every single device and building q’d for construction: nothing happened. Loaded and reloaded the game. Nothing happened. Waited through a couple of rebel attacks: some workers would perform post defense repairs, but then go back to doing nothing.

I applaud the designers for not flinching at detail on the one hand or scale on the others. I haven’t enjoyed scale with micro so much since Supreme Commander 2. Wish I knew what became of my workers. Looking forward to the next update.

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Thank you for your feedback! The good news is some of this will be addressed in the next update.

  1. We have plans to allow saving and loading of layouts for buildings and ships.
  2. That’s a cool idea! In the future, Factories won’t have 1:1 functionality with buildings. For example, currently the Residential Building provides pollution resistance whereas the Habitat Pods do not. More differentiations will come in the future. Going full Factory won’t be about spatial efficiency, it’ll be about tradeoffs and strategy. Is it worth having more people in a Factory at the cost of their happiness? What if they turn against you as a result of their dissatisfaction?
  3. We plan on adding more information for ship building, but you can always contact the Advisors and they will tell you what you need on your ship.
  4. Rebuild and Rebuild All are being added in the next Quality of Life update, releasing tomorrow. We have been discussing where to put all the global abilities like Repair All and Burrow into a better spot for people to find. Right now, it’s on your HQ.
  5. This is also something that we are in the process of improving. The new Power Refactor releasing tomorrow effectively extends the ability to connect pylons by a radius of 1.
  6. We are still finding that some users run into a bug like this. We are continuing to hunt them down and fix them, but there are a lot of ways to recreate the bug that are difficult for us to find. The new patch Tuesday should have more fixes with even more to come as time passes.