Now only Windows 10

Its completely unfair to advertise a game as being functional on W7/8 then release an update that forces it to only work on W10. You have overnight made the game unplayable with no recourse to refund. Telling people to upgrade is not justified when people have their own reasons for not wanting to use a controversial OS like W10 in the first place. We don’t have any guarantees that Titan will ever work on W7/8 now.

You should have held off on doing the UE update until a work around was found, or at least now offer refunds for everyone who now cant play the game. Also it was really poor communication to only make a post about this on the forums 4 days ago, for an issue people would not have realized was occurring until they had already updated the game.

Really disappointing behavior.


I’m sorry Seyton that this happened. It was not something we knew would happen until we upgraded the engine. For the last week or so we have been looking into solutions to resolve this as soon as we can. It is very important to us to support Windows 7/8. We do not plan to forget or abandon you supporters.

You do not have to upgrade to Windows 10, but it does mean you will have to wait until we implement the fix to correct this. As a team, we know how important it is to support Windows 7/8.

Update 7/7: I am currently looking into offering refunds to those affected by this issue and are unwilling to wait for a fix. We would like grant refunds, but we need to go through the appropriate channels to do so since this is a new issue for us.

Please standby as I see this through and will update this thread with more information once I have it.

Update 7/8: We have found a possible solution for compatibility, but it is not confirmed if it is working yet. We also have contacted Epic about supporting refunds for those who would prefer not to wait for a fix.

Update 7/10: Still waiting on Epic for more information on how to support refunds as well as a release window for the compatibility fix which should be included in their next engine update. They are on midsummer break, so they will not be responding until Monday. Sorry for the delay.

Update 7/10 Part 2: A community member has suggested a solution that is looking very promising and could be implemented internally without the help of Epic. This could expedite the solution if this works out. More news Monday.

Update 7/13: We have implemented our first attempt to fix compatibility for Windows 7. It has passed our internal tests and we are ready to deploy it to the Main branch any time now. We would love feedback from you all to see if this solves the problem or not. Thank you for your patience thus far.



I am also still on W7 and I am avoiding upgrading for personal reasons, it would be a real shame if this game is unplayable as I have been looking forward to it for ages, hence why I purchased it even during early access, which I never do. Please keep me/us informed as I would like to know if a fix is even possible for something like this and weather I would also need a refund…no matter how much I would like to play the game ;(

Thank You

Same problem, havent even gotten to try out the game because I wanted to wait for more content. I feel kinda mugged, since i got literally nothing out of buying this game…
edit: nevermind should have read your whole reply @Andy, apologies
I am very willing to wait for a fix, and actually thank you very much for keeping the support up

Could anyone in this thread DM me please? Whenever you’re available. Would like to try something out :slight_smile:

edit: I had a couple DMs! Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I’m Matt, a new associate producer at BYG. I just wanted to weigh in and let you all know that we’re actively working on 2 potential solutions for this issue and we’re committed to restoring Windows 7 support as soon as we can.

We’re somewhat reliant on Epic for a fix, and we’re also talking with them to see what we can do to offer refunds for players who don’t want to wait for a fix. Thank you for your patience, we’re working as quickly as we can to resolve this.


Thank you Andy for taking the time to explain the issue and putting in the effort to fix it with the team. Just seeing you put in that effort (and replying) means all the difference.

The OP may be a bit blunt. I hope a solution is found, as I would greatly prefer to keep playing and supporting Titan. It came as a shock this update as I had waited so long to play it and was watching the update countdown daily, only to get this sudden issue.

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If you are using Windows 7 you are using an OS that support ended for 5 years ago. Things are going to break. That’s just how this works.

Windows 8 is still in support for 3 more years though.

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Official Microsoft support for Win 7 ended in january, but thanks for a comment that completely misses the point.

I feel sorry for Brace Yourself Games that they made the statement that they would deliver to an already unsupported platform. Industries of Titan seems to work fine on Lutris (Linux) though.

We actually have quite a few players who are still on Win7, so it’s important to us to be able to support them, especially since we were unaware that upgrading the engine would lock those people out of playing. I can understand why someone who bought the game thinking it would be supported on their OS would be upset when suddenly that was not the case anymore :slight_smile: I’m glad it works on Linux though, I’m kind of surprised!


We’re very close to what we think will be a good short-term solution that will get Windows 7 users playing again. We just need to do some more testing to verify the fix.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we’ve been working to resolve this issue.

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@Seyton @ivo @erni79 great news! Patch 0.2.2 just released and you should be able to play again on Windows 7 :smiley:


Thank you! I tried it out, it starts up just fine but after about a minute going through the menus in the start screen the game kinda half-freezes.
I can still move the mouse and click on the options but the screen wont refresh with the chaneg that happened until I tab out of the game and back in, at which point the change will have happened but the game still stays in that wierd half frozen state.
This might be a specific problem with my configuration if none of the others experience the same thing, so lets wait to hear if it worked out for them.

edit: i just saw that my gaphics drivers hadnt updated for the last couple months, i am updating now and will report back if that changed anything

edit 2: Did not help, sadly :frowning: I still think it might be a problem on my end, but lets first wait to see if anyone else experiences this problem

can you post a dxdiag of your system?

Sure, thank you :slight_smile:

DxDiag.7z (5.3 KB)

hi @erni79 another user posted on the patch notes here: is this similar to your experience?

@byg_alexa no, my game loads perfectly fine. I can edit the confguuration and start a game. But no matter what I do after 30 seconds to 2 minutes the game screen freezes. Mouse still works and changes its graphics when on a button. When I click on something it still plays the sound and the effect still happens, only the screen does not refresh to show what has happened.
When I alt-tab or winkey out of the game and back into it the screen will have changed but it then will be frozen on that point until I tab out and in again. (For example, the screen freezes on the start menu, i can stil click on start a new game, it will play the sound of the option chosen and the screen changing, but it wond update what graphics I actually see. When I leave the tab and switch back in the screen will now show the three start options but will again be frozen.)

I hope this made it more clear otherwise I will tray to expklain it in a different way, apologies^^;

edit: dunno if this helps, when I change to windowed mode the complete freeze does no longer happen, but it will randomly freeze the right half of the screen, for instance when I click on the roadmap button on the title screen, only the left half of the roadmap will appear, clicking on it again will add the other half. Basically it seems to be the same problem only that the refresh in windowed mode seems to happen everytime i click on the screen rather then when tabbing out and back

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I was having similar problem on one of the previous versions (the last one before the win10 snafu happened). Basically the longer i played, the longer it took to place new buildings. At first, placing a building was instant, later in a game session a lag will develop upon placing buildings, which gets bigger the longer i play. Eventually the game will freeze. I can still move a mouse, but i can’t alttab out or shutdown the game, only hard reset got me out. What is weird that the sounds are still playing and i can still move the mouse, but the game (and windows) won’t accept keyboard presses. I had to reset the pc three times, just because of playing Industries. The problem can be “bypassed” by restarting the game every 15minutes, but who wants to play like that. Looks like you’re running into the same problem, only it’s not freezing your pc completely for some reason. I kinda hoped that this problem will go away after the win 7 problem is solved. But i haven’t tested the new version yet. Will report back.

This issue is unrelated to Win7. I see it happen on Win10 as well.