Patch 0.1.1-B842

CHANGES IN 0.1.1-B842

  • Use dev tools to capture the mech battles of your dreams! To enable these, copy Configs\Data\Settings\debug.yaml to Users\user\Documents\My Games\Phantom Brigade and set “developerMode” to “true”. For details on how to use dev tools, check our guide on “How to Take Awesome Footage In-Game”.
  • Brand new colour palettes have been added to the livery including Alpine, Dust, Petal, and Officer!
  • You can now rename your mechs! This can be changed in the unit summary on the right side of the screen in the unit section of the mobile base.
  • Added more UI scaling options have been added to support wide monitors.
  • Updated some level layouts, combat map decoration and spawn points.
  • The “wait” action now ignores 3D terrain.
  • Added new visuals for factory sites in the overworld.
  • Autosaves no longer occur while the game is paused.
  • Added UI in combat describing mech weight classes to help predict the outcomes of collisions with enemy units.
  • Lots of bug fixes!


  • Fixed patrol salvaging reading “invalid ID”
  • Fixed a bug hiding a portion of the credits
  • Fixed an issue where capturing the base in Ostbager-Wiel did not liberate the province
  • Fixed an issue where subsystems were reset to L1 when after loading
  • Fixed combat camera repositioning on units in combat
  • It is no longer possible to dismantle from the site loot screen
  • Removed the sub-menu with missing text when editing the shield in the livery
  • Fixed AI using two shield actions in a row
  • Fixed abandoned caches producing outdated armor sets
  • Various UI and typo fixes
  • Fixed UI scaling not applying correctly
  • Various fixes and adjustments to combat maps
  • Various balance fixes to weapons
  • Fixed an issue where music was overlapping in the capital battle
  • It is no longer possible to get negative hope



Oh no… I planned on being productive this weekend. Guess I’m going to make mech films instead.

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When setting actions for units, when selecting an action for the current unit the game will automatically select the unit I was previously planning actions with or on occasion it will select the enemy instead. At one point it selected the previous unit and was having the secondary weapon action selected. seems the only way to remedy this is to double click the unit I want to plan actions with. Just a small bug I noticed!

Also what are conditions for me not being able to buy things at markrets…I have about 26k supplies and the vendor says theres not much there for me at the moment. Has happened twice now.

EDIT: Im sure this is known already, or maybe being thought about but its pretty hard to figure out where to go to return civilians and supplies in ransacked and kidnapped missions.

Loving the game so far though!

Ye same here started with the patch update

Yeah, I’ve found that using hotkeys 1-6 will help avoid this issue. It looks like the action buttons in the UI do not prevent you from selecting mechs or projected mechs if those mechs are directly underneath the button you’re clicking.

Also… Can anyone point me to the “How to Take Awesome Footage In-Game” guide? I’ve tried searching the forums, Google, and Youtube. I just cannot seem to find it.

Noted! Thanks for the tip!

Also…yeah I cant seem to find that guide either

@ all folks in this thread, guide is here: in our twitch VOD. Sorry the patch notes were unclear :slight_smile:

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where is this guide to using the dev tools, i cant find anything, anywhere, not here or on discord

Hi @ashar it is the twitch link I posted directly before your post here :slight_smile: