Founders, it appears you are managing your cities well enough. We have received your generous reports and donations since the last Titan Tuesday, and we are ready to return in kind with Patch You will be able to access it on the experimental branch.


Thanks to community feedback:

  • Added new job categories for more precise prioritization!

  • Waste can now be spawned on the blue tiles along the edges of the Factory and HQ, giving you a bit of wiggle room before your devices start to shut down due to waste

  • Buildings can now be placed on tiles that contain waste! However, the waste must be cleaned up from the tile before construction can proceed

  • We are not currently displaying the contents of a tile in the UI when storage has been placed - this is planned for a future update. If a construction seems like it’s taking a while after you placed it on a tile containing waste, please double check if you have storage space.

  • You can now dismantle your last storage container if you have a Storage Facility - keep in mind if your storage facility is destroyed by rebels you will softlock yourself!

  • Added the ability to dismantle Storage Facilities if they contain resources (as long as the player has another storage device or building in the game)

Other changes we’ve made:

  • Added a countdown on the main menu to the next Titan Tuesday: June 2nd, 2020!

  • Updated the appearance of the Survey Ruins flags for better readability. If you are still having trouble please let us know.

  • Placing a building on a tile that contains Minerals and Isotopes from a salvage will now have the contents of the tile count towards the costs of construction! Any extra resources must be removed from the tile and stored before construction can continue.

  • Again, this is not currently exposed in the UI, but planned for the future.

  • A big change in the storage code: when cancelling a building upgrade or connection, if there is no storage space currently available, those resources will be stored at the site of the cancelled upgrade or connection.

  • This is currently NOT exposed in the UI, but the resources are returned to your HUD, which may look like a storage discrepancy at first. The resources that are ‘secretly’ stored at a cancelled upgrade/connection building should still be usable for construction! We are planning on adding this to the UI in some way in a future update.

  • Save versioning! If you are trying to load a save that has an outdated version of our save code, you will now see a warning telling you that your save may not work.

  • We don’t touch the save code every time we push a patch to you, so there’s a chance from one patch to the next you won’t see the warning - this is fine and it’s still working as intended!

  • Added new text and images to the Migrant Ships that visit the Spaceport

  • Added more information to the Win/Lose screen at the end of a game

  • Changed the color of the Claim button to white for better readability

Fixed issues as of

  • Fixed the Global Storage HUD tooltips displaying incorrect information about how much space there was to store resources

  • Fixed the delay between clicks when unlocking buildings

  • Fixed animation actors ticking while the simulation was paused to prevent crashes that occurred when selecting and interacting with Rebel tiles while paused

  • Improved the flickering texture on Factory when zoomed out all the way

  • Fixed all keyboard input being disabled on the main menu after viewing the splash videos when launching the game

  • Attempted fix of a common crash FString::FString

  • Cancelling an upgrade or connection now returns all resources from the upgrade/connection to the player (stored in internal storage)

  • The bug report window no longer closes all other UI windows

  • Fixed uppercase transformation to support accented characters properly

  • Fixed resources still being stored in a destroyed Storage Facility

  • Fixed storage discrepancy caused by stored resources being dropped on the floor but not removed from the HUD when a Storage Facility or Factory was destroyed

  • Fixed a rounding error in builds that caused the cost of repairs to be 20 credits instead of 15 credits

  • Fixed game mode not showing correctly on the pause screen

  • Fixed a rare crash having to do with the Employee Management panel, and improved the performance of the panel in general

  • Fixed tooltip on Global Energy HUD displaying incorrect numbers

  • Autosave can be set to 60 minute intervals

You can find the list of current known issues here.

Keep up the good work! ?

Really really great work from Dev Team and many many ideas from the founders communityiotlogo

After Pathe I can’t load any old savegames at all, the game always crashes.

maybe because they warned everyone in advance that loading old savegames is probably not possible… so start again whats the problem ?

…and normally, in any EA game, one can expect saves to not work properly anyway. Think about it. The game is constantly getting new features/changes added, that ones save file was not capable of beforehand. Wait till game has matured if you wish save compatibility :wink:

Hello, thanks for a really great game. Can’t wait to see further development! I Like It A Lot ^^

Thank you Dev Team for your Titanesk work :stuck_out_tongue:
my quest is “better life quality on Titan making Titan green again”…:wink: