Hey Founder, the Council was pretty busy today setting up our new forums (pretty fancy, huh?). As a result, I, your Admiral, will be presenting the patch notes for this update. Buckle in, it’s a big one. We’re aware of some instabilities currently, but rest assured the Council is hard at work on fixing them already.

Changes as of

  • Transportation is here! There is no tutorial currently - here is a short rundown of what we’ve added:
    • Transport Hub Building - this is where your Trucks are housed when they are not in use. You will need to build one in order to transport resources on Roads.
    • Road Building - this is where your Trucks will drive! Currently, roads do not need to be attached to the Transport Hub for things to work - this will change in a later update. Roads do have to be attached to the places you want them to go however - if you’re trying to move things out of your Storage Facility to your construction site, if a Road is not connecting them your Employees will walk instead.
  • Some additional notes about how Transportation works currently:
    • Trucks can carry a maximum of 10 resources of any type, but only one type of resource at a time.
    • Think about Trucks as working how fuel works: they will teleport to wherever they are needed. This means that Employees might walk to a job and take a Truck back, or vice versa.
      • Because of the way the AI chooses which Employee performs a certain task, the AI might not always make the best decisions about when to take a Truck - this is something we’re also working on right now
    • There might be some pathing silliness that we’re still ironing the wrinkles out of!
    • You currently can’t transport resources from a Resource Patch to storage using a Truck. We’re adding that functionality at a later date!
    • Roads can be built anywhere, without continuity, and are always enabled regardless of how far they are from a Transport Hub. This will be changed in the future.
  • The Music Player is also here! You can now control what songs are playing and toggle between Automatic and Manual modes. Some small bugs still exist.
  • Added UI to indicate how many Resources need to be removed from a tile in order to complete construction of a Building on that tile
    • Be warned - there is currently no flag telling you that you’re being blocked on construction by excess resources or waste. If a building is not constructing, double check you have enough storage!
  • You can now build on top of Resources and Waste on Factory and HQ floors! We are still adding UI to indicate what needs to be removed in order to complete construction.
  • Added some more visual variations of LV2 Ruins and Mineral Nodes
  • You can now mine a Resource Patch with a Mine instead of by assigning an Employee. However, you can’t have both an Employee assigned as well as a Mine - it’s one or the other. To switch between the two, you must unassign one from the patch before assigning the other.
  • Added a flag indicating when a Mine is not built in range of a mineable tile
  • Added exterior Waste to HQ and Factories - when the floor of your building fills up with waste, you’ll immediately know what’s going on from the outside.
  • Better save versioning and a warning on Continue if you have a save that might not be compatible with the newest patch

And, thanks to Community Feedback:

  • Added the ability to Prioritize specific jobs, giving you even finer control of your City processes
  • Added Instant Camera fade option to Gameplay settings for players who want a faster transition between Building and City View
  • Added the ability to rename Factories, Headquarters, and Command Centers, as well as the individual floors of Factory and Headquarters when upgraded. You can also rename your Employees!
  • Added more functionality to the Employee Management panel - Simple and Advanced modes. With Simple mode, broadly define the priorities of your city; then, get into the finer details with Advanced mode to decide if Isotopes are moved before Minerals, Devices are constructed before Buildings, and more. You can control which mode is displayed in game, or via the Settings menu.

Fixed issues as of

  • Fixed many bugs and issues related to new features before releasing to you!
  • Changed the colour of the Survey flag indicating Mixed Results for better readability
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by a UI element
  • Fixed strange faded appearance of the City Construction icons
  • Fixed Repair All button not being displayed on Command Centers
  • Fixed many miscellaneous audio bugs (sounds playing at the wrong time, or for too long, or too loud)
  • Fixed long save file names overlapping with other text in the load menu
  • Fixed a couple other issues with text overlapping
  • Fixed Burrow progress timer not resetting to zero between Burrows
  • Fixed a couple typos
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy caused by dismantling a disabled storage container - storage space became reserved twice and could cause workers to stop storing resources until more storage was created
  • Fixed Mines not emptying correctly
  • Fixed Custom Map Location not showing up on the Load menu

You can find a list of our current known issues here.

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Wow guys ! You put so much work in since the last patch! So excited!

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Nice additions! i really love the game, the visuals, and all that blade runner vibes. I’m really looking forward to see this game grow. On a visual aspect more variety on the city decoration will help for example, random signs in one side of the buildings, a big hologram in the center of the city promoting the last breath mask, and so on… Kudos to the dev team is an amazing work.

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How does one apply for experimental branch?

Hi there @njung - the experimental branch is something you can access immediately when you buy the game. Make sure to look in your uninstalled games - it’s listed as a separate game in your library.

My Games graphic is not scaling right to my Monitor. It is way to big but the resolution won´t go higher than 1220x780. And my cursor ist not centered.

Hi Everlast! Welcome to the forums.

Please go to %localappdata%\Titan\ and delete the settings folder. You will have to set all your settings again from scratch, but it should fix this issue!