Patch : 0.11.2 b5388 Computer freezed with memory overconsumption

Patch : 0.11.2 b5388
I play on a 4K monitor in highest graphik quality with all settings on titanic, not windowed, with widescreen effect and resolution scale in 150%
after several PC freez i tryed logically to lower the general display quality but also the resolution scale to 100%
trying many display resolution qualities with scale at 150%, game freezed after fiew minutes playing
but lowering the resolution scale to 100%, the game is at this moment stable in 4K (3840*2160) and in widescreen… :crossed_fingers:
What is the advantage to higher the resolution scale when we get a 4K quality definition
perhaps could we test the graphik compatibility and be alerted in the settings hud when the asked graphik settings are too high for our GC ?
Could we know what is the graphik memory /PC memory consumption by enabling widescreen or resolution scale over 100% ?

stay tuned brothers

PS : My workers team salvaged a very huge spot with very large ruins, that was weird, but no new ressource was find, perhaps will we have more chance at next salvaging !

This was Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.

stay tuned brothers
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