Patch Notes 0.2.1

Hello, Founder. Your Chief Logistics Officer here. Not too much has changed since the last report, but we have fixed several issues since the last update.

We are also actively working towards a solution for Windows 7 users. Please see this thread for more information on the Windows 7 issue. Forwarding you my report now.


Changes as of 0.2.1

  • No changes apart from bug fixes!

Fixed issues as of 0.2.1

  • Fixed upgrading a factory with a battery on its grid completely disabling outlet connection
  • Fixed ‘enable tutorials’ text being unreadable - changed to black text
  • Fixed UI markers not being hidden in photo mode
  • Fixed pollution status being clipped on some UI panels
  • Fixed keybindings not working for a number of devices
  • Fixed UI panels re-sizing when in different states, moving buttons around - they are now all a fixed size
  • Fixed flags and grid status not being displayed when entering a building
  • Fixed Grid not displaying correctly in HUD
  • Fixed unresponsive Repair All button
  • Fixed buttons not responding on Connection when all resources for the connection already existed on that tile
  • Fixed Conversion Center progress bar not updating correctly
  • Fixed Conversion Center UI panel not refreshing correctly
  • Fixed all special characters not displaying correctly (prevented use of fan translations)
  • Fixed corrupted strings when dismantling a building
  • Fixed issue with pause/resume button being confused on Connection jobs
  • Fixed Transport Hub showing incorrect numbers on the connected building upgrade tooltip
  • Fixed mine range not displaying correctly
  • Fixed rock salvage progress bar not updating
  • Fixed Resume button not working when the Save menu was open
  • Fixed photo mode not having a rebind in the settings menu
  • Fixed priority flag number not displaying on devices
  • Fixed survey flags being hidden when a Ruins action was cancelled
  • Fixed some more text clipping issues
  • Fixed factory connection being allowed when one of the factories was undergoing a device construction
  • Fixed a handful of typos
  • Fixed SFX in buildings always being tied to the center of the building, causing lost sound when panning in a building
  • Fixed resource discrepancy caused by cancelling or pausing a job while a truck was transporting multiple resources
  • Fixed constructions not completing as a result of storage discrepancy
  • Fixed not always feeding the right values to pollution texture
  • Fixed photo mode not being allowed in Hardcore mode (however, issues still exist)
  • Fixed flags respawning when they shouldn’t be
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