Patch Notes 0.2.2

Founder, good news. As you may recall, an update to our engines caused a period where some people using Windows 7 were not able to access their terminals. This has been a top priority for our workers, and the Council is pleased to inform you that we have found a temporary fix. I will have someone forward you more details shortly.

We also fixed the music player while we were at it.

Changes as of 0.2.2

  • Hello all, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve found a temporary work-around for Windows 7 users! You should now be able to play the game again. HUGE shout outs to community member @Satoru for helping our team figure this out!
  • There are a few small things to keep in mind:
    • Please make sure you are running the game through the Epic Store Launcher. If you are running the game through the file explorer, please use Titan_NoVendorDevice.bat to start the game.
      • If you run just the .exe, you will get an error message, but the game will still run.
    • If you have created a desktop shortcut to Titan.exe, or added it to your Steam launcher, you will need to add -novendordevice flag to your shortcut

Fixes as of 0.2.2

  • Fixed a hole in the Rock asset
  • Fixed Jukebox skipping songs when switching between Manual and Automatic mode

Overwriting previous post, some people might run into a loading issue with cinematic, load the game a couple times and it should fix it self, I was able to load the main version of this game and experimental and they were both working.

Not sure if this is a new bug but after extensive amount of jobs being prioritized the workers seems to more often become idle when there are plenty of jobs to be done even with some of the jobs on regular schedules. In current game half of my work force is at their full time job while the other is idle and I have plenty of workers.