Permadeath Quick Restart submitting as Single Player (and more)

When you do a quick restart in permadeath co-op, the game does not actually flag the save file as having played co-op.
In fact, it does not mark the file as having played co-op until you remove player 2 and add them back.

This means that you can start a co-op single char run with Yves and Octavo, then get a game over and quick restart.
Since file was created with Yves as player 1, the game will treat it as a Single Character Yves run, not co-op, but you’ll still have Octavo unlocked, and player 2.

In addition to this, Quick Restart is currently set up so that both players get to keep their current character when you restart, but this too has an issue.
Let’s say that you’re player an Yves + Octavo file.
If you then exit out of co-op and change player 1 to Octavo, both players current character will be Octavo.
So if you get a game over and quick restart while still being in single player, the game will assign Octavo to Player 1.
However, the game will no longer be able to assign Octavo to player 2, as it is already taken by Player 1, so it instead defaults to Link.
(And if both player had Link assigned to them, it will change player 2 to Zelda)
So this means that combined with the file not correctly flagging as being co-op, you will now have a Single Character Yves file with Octavo + Link as the characters, completely removing any and all difficulty that comes with Yves.
This does not apply to regular Story Mode as a quick restart always take you to the Link/Zelda selection as Cadence.

Below is a video of me showcasing how the leaderboard does not actually flag the file as co-op after restarting until I explicitly remove & add back player 2:

Bumping this since the most important issue still remains, and it’s even worse now that Arena Mode exists, since it has quick restart available outside of permadeath.

When you quick restart while in co-op, the game will not flag the new file created as being co-op.
This means that you can submit co-op runs as single player in arena mode and/or permadeath.
File will not be flagged as co-op until you exit and re-enter co-op on it.

This will have an especially bad effect on things like Aria & Yves leaderboards, since you can just start in co-op and have the 1st character be aria, and then 2nd character be zelda for example.
Then you just get a game over and quick restart. Now you’re not flagged as co-op and you will submit to the Aria leaderboard.
After this you can simply have player 1 swap out to zelda and remove player 2.
(or in Arena Mode, just let player 1 die and continue to play exclusively as player 2 who is Zelda)
So in effect, you’re just playing solo Zelda but submitting to Aria’s leaderboard.