Petition to rename Monetization Station to "Outsource Desk." (Also Debt.)

There is currently only one industry on Titan, and that industry is to exploit a dupe on Google’s AdSense system. It doesn’t really feel very meaningful to me, and I also know that just saying “Add more industries! Steel! Manufacturing! Etc! Sell on the market! Make money do more now!” is very unreasonable and it’s already on the list. But to embark on a massive endeavor on an alien moon to exploit the vast riches of making people watch ads for products they can never conceivably buy makes it feel like my actions don’t amount to much right now.

So to cleverly recontextualize what is functionally the same thing (citizen stands at desk = money) we can rename “Monetization Station” to “Outsource Desk.” Your citizens will do awful menial jobs such as data entry, customer service, AI training (think YouTube’s manual review), and views/clicks on social media for money. Jobs like that are very frequently outsourced to parts of the world where the wages are lower by comparison, and it’s cheaper to hire a firm there than new employees here. It makes perfect sense that the easiest and fastest way to make a quick buck at the start is to put up some office buildings until other industries can get established. It’s better for verisimilitude and is a more true-to-life prod at capitalism, which this game clearly wants to rip limb from limb.

Also debt, wages, and expenses would create a need to maintain a steady credit flow. I didn’t see that on the roadmap so I’d throw my two cents in since it would probably help to sell the experience of managing a business rather than a kingdom. Having to pay The Council “protection fees” would really nail in the idea that you’re just a tool for someone else’s bigger game.

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There’s going to be more robust ways in which citizens both make and use money. So I think renaming it now is a bit premature with respect to not seeing how it fits in with the entire gameplay loop

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On the FAQ, we have talked a bit about Credits. It was also asked in a recent AMA, so I will post some portions of the answers here.

What will credits be used for?
In the future, you will also have to pay your Employees a “salary”, a restitution fee paid to their families. This means Employee management will have to factor into your economic strategy. Failure to do so will result in Citizen disobedience and Employees malfunctioning.

How exactly will in game Money be generated and for what will it be used?
Currently, Citizens watch ads and you get money directly. This will not be the case in the future. In the long term, the acquisition of credits will be more indirect, and more related to the management of your Citizens. In the future, money acquired from watching ads will go directly to the Citizens and be part of their personal wealth. The player will then have to find methods to extract money from the Citizens. There will be no taxes though! Instead, you will earn money by charging them health care premiums in order to have access to hospitals. This might mean you may intentionally allow pollution to form to encourage your population to get health insurance. You will also charge them rent for using your Residential Buildings. Over the course of development, we will add more methods extract credits from Citizens, but you will have to balance it with their Happiness. If they feel like you are treating them unfairly, they may no longer want to live in your City.

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Wow, an answer straight from the lead designer!

You guys seem to have it all planned out and it’s just a matter of implementing stuff, but I’m curious about how wealth is generated from watching advertisements in this universe?

I really like the premise of super capitalism driving everything and the final death of the worker under the mindcontroltech of the old civilisation.
Calling it an monetisation station just suits that whole theme of humans just being resources.