Phantom Brigade Mod Mega-thread (and wiki!)

Wiki link:

Hi all!

Thanks so much for playing Phantom Brigade, and in turn for adding your own personal flairs to the game already even while in Early Access!

In the future we’re hoping to have a better place to host these things, but for now this space can be used to host mods from the forums community as well as for folks in the discord who want more permanent, easily found links to their content.

Here are some handy tips in the meantime! All you need to do these things is a basic text editor, like Notepad++. We recommend Notepad++ over regular Notepad as .yaml has very particular formatting that can be difficult to see in regular Notepad. You can download Notepad++ for free here.

Also, note - you will have to restart the game in order for any changes you make to take effect.

Creating your own custom Liveries

  1. Go to this location in your file explorer:
  2. Each livery has its own file. To create new ones:Copy any of the default files
  3. Change the name to whatever you like (it’s important that the name is only lowercase, with no spaces)
  4. Edit the colour values inside the file to whatever you like!

Changing the number of units you can bring into combat

  1. Go to this location in your file explorer: ...\PhantomBrigade\Configs\Data\Settings\simulation.yaml
    and change this line: activeSquadLimit: 4
  2. Additionally, you will need to make sure that all maps have enough spawn points on them.
    Go to ...\PhantomBrigade\Configs\DataDecomposed\Combat\Scenarios and search for the line squadFriendlyMaxSize: 4 and change it to the same number you set in the previous step.

This should allow you to bring more (or less, if you like a challenge) units into combat.

More helpful hints to come later!


Great! I can finally live out my space roman imperialist fantasies. Thanks!


I’m guessing that there is a turn time length as well??
That might be a nice idea for a mission modifier.
Turns are shorter or longer cos of a meteor shower.

Yup looks like this is the lenght for the turns there are some other interesting settings in there XD
turnLength: 5

This might be fun to have some over heat builds
overheatGracePeriod: 0
overheatTickInterval: 0.1
minOverheatDamage: 0.012
maxOverheatDamage: 0.012

I wanted to see if the eviromental buldings collison on melee can be set to false so i might be able to do some corner melee attacks but sadly no…

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Btw, just updating for folks on the forums: we also have a wiki now!


Thank you Iron Groin the BlackOrk and BlackAdder;
i’d overlooked the turn length thinking it was hard-coded;
just what the Dr ordered

set it to 3 ( about average attack cycle ) -
changed shields and crash numbers proportionately ( shield-bash was making them miss almost 2 “turns” so speak.)
so far:

  • it feels more ‘comfortable’ to me in terms of combat pacing
  • the AI seems much more competent - i think planing “2 actions” ( 5 seconds ) ahead was just too much.

I’ll continue testing, see if i can get other testers - I suspect the difference in AI performance ( what we’re asking of it ) - may make a worthy “difficulty” setting - people love those -

Regarding the Optimal Range:
currently it provides a “malus” to damage -
i love the use of optimal range; but i’d like to change it’s target object/argument to weapon SCATTER-

thus, it’s not the “shells” not hurting up close ( don’t try this at home kids! )

  • it’s that the weapon handles poorly at long range ( smgs for ex ) or poorly in close assaults ( like a long rifle or SAW in a breach & clear )
    mostly the same effect but less visually jarring- ( so hopefully more intuitive )
    and except for energy weapons ( which i think? only the shotguns are - and only by flavor text )
    shot gun!
  • more accurate to what our eyes are seeing play out.

I’ve clearly looked in the wrong files to find the ‘target’ of weapon range malus; however-
please hit me up if you come across the argument . TY

re: difficulty and “partisan” early game setting.

One thing I liked about the aesthetic & theme of PB was , early on;
you’re using improvised civilian equipment ( don’t even have booster- jets );
heck, your base is a converted mining-mech tender.

Now, in current alpha iteration, other than “old” armor parts found in specific parts, we don’t see this used in the campaign progression -

so for the time being, i had my " b team" represent resistance partisan militia - fighting patrols & “attack squads” not with my best 4 mechs, but with rating 1 / 0 ( aka common rarity ); low “tech level” gear ( odernity = level ?) gear.

  • almost like Jagged Alliance or similar games PB reminds me of- where the militia may have to hold ground.
    The partisans come marching in (“evocation” link)

Also - they don’t have the prediction AI prototype-
my attempt to simulate this:

Well crap… just found this after figuring so much out for myself here. I edited it to allow 12 pilots instead of 8

Guess I’m the first mod up on reddit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

But seriously, if I’d found this first it would have saved me so much time figuring file location

My little edit is save game safe, if anyone is wondering… I have an elite team (mixed units) and wanted to have a gunner team and a Khorne team (all melee and shields) too. Plus fatigue rotation seemed like 3 teams were better than 2. So far no CTD or the like. Seems stable

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I was looking to edit the liveries to add some of my own, however maybe I’m missing something basic but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to translate the decimal RGB colors into proper 255 RGB so I can actually visualize the palletes outside of the game.

I tried the easy way of just multiplying by 255 but it doesn’t add up to a proper whole number like expected… What’s the deal here?

I realize I’m two weeks late, but if the number is, say, 0.5, then multiplying by 255 should turn out 127.5 which ought to be accurate? Alternately just multiply 255 by the number.

There’s a comprehensive livery customization article on the wiki here if you hadn’t found it yet.

I uploaded a basic html page to create livery content easily with color pickers. If someone wants to use it, it is the discord modding channel. I unfortunately cannot upload it here since it is a html file. It’s also hosted here:

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Hi, and thank you very much for this :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Hope it helps. If it is used by some ppl i could make it create a complete yaml file to download instead of copy/paste.

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I updated the small livery color file creator webpage to now also create a complete color file you can just put into the folder.

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Awesome ! Thanks :slight_smile: :grinning: