Phantom Brigade Progress Update

Hello everyone,

We know you want to see what we’ve been up to, so we wanted to give you an update on what we’re working on. There will be more to come soon, so hang tight!

During the last four weeks, we have been hard at work on the campaign, overworld, melee, and customization. We have also added new SFX and ambient soundtracks across the entire game and expanded many of our developer tools.

In the campaign, all cities, bases, and units are generated and placed semi-procedurally. Their decisions are also controlled by an AI commander. Furthermore, some of the interactions that used to be instantaneous are now done over time. For example, salvaging, rescuing pilots, and repairing mechs.

When it comes to combat, we have added melee with seven new melee weapons, and significantly improved overheating animations and many of the battle SFX. Additionally, to test all of those things, we have added lots of new maps with elevation changes and indestructible cover.

The customization has also been significantly improved. Stats are now collated into easy to parse summaries, UI has been made more readable, and more filtering options have been added. Also, just like with overworld and combat, the entire mobile base received a substantial SFX and ambient soundtrack update.

Last but not least, we have developed many tools, some of which will be very handy for modders. Those tools will allow us to speed up the development of new equipment, scenarios, animations, and content for the overworld and the campaign at large.

All of these additions and upgrades play a significant role in making the game more complete, enjoyable, and easier to develop.

Thank you!

Phantom Brigade Team

New Features and Notable Changes


  • Added AI and behavior tree systems

  • Added support for mobile base deployment

  • Added support for timed interactions

  • Implemented threat level and level display for overworld events

  • Updated movement and path rendering systems

  • Updated sensor range to be more visible

  • Updated the overworld movement system

  • Updated overworld entity selection prioritization

  • This is used by a new AI Faction commander system, to dispatch orders and provide war level tactical reasoning (first pass)

  • Added new AI behaviors, non-hostile units will attempt to flee from the phantom brigade

  • Added hostile AI that will attempt to hunt the player, and if they lose track of them, they will attempt to navigate to the last know location

  • Updated patrolling behavior

  • New Behavior Nodes: Delay, FleeEntityMoveToEntity, NotifyCommander, SelectDestinationAroundPoint

  • New Behavior trees: Patrol, Move To Destination, Attack Player, Flee player

  • Updated AI Faction commander, it can now command units to the site of a battle to investigate if it occurred in friendly territory

  • Added support for military bases launching investigations and rescue parties for lost units in their own territory. This will spawn a new unit and command it to search the last know location of the player

  • Added AI Awareness System, which allows agents to respond dynamically with new orders while executing a behavior tree.

  • Added AI Intel reports, and commander notifications

  • Added Overworld Alert system, which creates AI intel of battles that have occurred

  • Added a system to control how quickly a military base can respawn units ReinforcementCooldownSystem

  • Added unit group, city, base and site spawn, and generation systems

  • Improved Overworld input handling

  • Added Overworld ambient and menu SFX

Mobile Base

  • Added a deployment to combat warning

  • Added Crawler ambient and menu SFX


  • Updated combat entry and exit logic

  • Added running animations for top speed mechs

  • Added basic intro system that focuses the camera on the first unit when combat is entered

  • Updated combat interface and mech SFX

  • Added a linear soundtrack for the planning phase


  • Added displays and comparison views for processed stats

  • Added sorting by archetype for parts and subsystems

  • Expanded the right side part and subsystems selection interface

  • Added basic inventory subsystem preview

  • Added debriefing UI along with combat stats system that can be used for tracking various combat events and surfacing them.

  • Reworked how event view, combat end view and base/world nav switch are displayed

  • Added customization interface SFX


  • Added melee weapon - sword, axe, knife, hammer, piledriver, spike and lance

  • Added fallback melee actions, punch and kick

  • Added minimum and maximum range stats to melee weapons

  • Added animations, blends, and transition for new melee weapons

  • Added dash animations for melee weapons

  • Updated melee distance check to be performed on the first part of the melee trajectory

  • Improved melee’s trajectory rendering

  • Added support for per-weapon cancellation threshold

  • Added various melee balance changes

  • Added placeholder melee SFX


  • Added idle overheating animations

  • Added overheating warning and mech shut down SFX


  • Added male face rig

  • Updated female face and body rigs

Armor Sets

  • Added armor sets - Knox (light, medium, heavy)

  • Designed armor sets - Arrow (light, medium)


  • Updated custom scenarios with new maps

  • Updated all unit presets in the scenario database


  • Updated map names

  • Added map features: elevation changes, ramps for tank navigation , platforms for shooting over the cover and indestructible natural cover

  • Updated greybox test maps: map_1_town,map_2 city base, map_3_village, map_4_base, map_5_rural_industry, map_6_metropolis, map_7_village_industry, map_10_rural_base and map_11_forest


  • Fixed mobile base’s rotation constraint while being deployed

  • Fixed overworld event detection

  • Fixed melee archetypes to use correct impact time keys

  • Fixed melee action duration

  • Fixed unit selection on melee confirmation

  • Fixed unit instantiation

  • Fixed numerous UI issues

  • Fixed path linking

  • Fixed timeline scrubbing

  • Fixed localization-related issues

  • Fixed game startup/bootstrap logic

  • Fixed saving data formatting and processing

  • Fixed unit part instantiation and data formatting

  • Fixed calls for equipment cleanup systems

  • Fixed subsystem archetypes

  • Fixed blueprints

  • Fixed critical issues in targeted stat calculation

  • Fixed issues with inspectors

  • Fixed issues with config data

  • Fixed target widget audio

  • Fixed squad configuration

  • Fixes customization navigation UI

  • Fixes for UI audio

  • Fixes for AI replanning

  • Fixed action/unit hotkeys

  • Fixed triggered exit of all combat UI on outcome resolution

  • Fixed blueprints and loading process

  • Fixed navigation bar being hidden by default

  • Fixed the Entitas Visual debugging systems in the editor

  • Fixed tooltip depth

  • Fixed part dependencies in mechs

  • Fixes a bug with already destroyed entities being collected on AddedOrRemoved filtered systems.

  • Fixed villages not being capturable

  • Fixed incorrect interaction checks on a single frame after the battle

  • Fixes interaction popups not being destroyed on cleanup

  • Fixed units skipping full destruction if some parts still survived

  • Fixed a warning if no tag is found that matches the generation criteria

  • Fixed action/unit hotkeys

DEV Oriented

Dev Wiki Updates

  • Added new information about manufactures, parts, subsystems, military branches, military sub-branches

  • Outlined the core structure and progression of the campaign and overworld

  • Added a level design guide and the scenario design guide

Inspector Improvements

  • Made equipment editor UI more consistent between part and subsystem tabs

  • Updated Odin to a custom 2.1.11 build with fixed HashSet drawers

  • Added a robust key replacement system to every data multilinker

  • Added new equipment editor that displays part archetypes, part blueprints, subsystem archetypes, and subsystem blueprints

  • Improved the projectile inspector.

  • Added a stat distribution system that can auto-fill multipliers on blueprints

  • Added inspector utilities like auto-fill based on hardpoint filter

  • Improved save data inspector with key dropdowns

  • Updated AreaManager tools with a nav graph/override generation buttons

  • Added an ability to set the level of spawned units easily

  • Added a subsystem section to part information view

  • Added analytics to part presets

Overworld Tools

  • Added a basic visual editor for saved overworld entities

  • Added overworld entity factory utilities

  • Added virtual unit group system

  • Added overworld AI behavior trees debugging system

  • Added a compressed object system that can be used to populate a world map with props without serializing and instantiating any game objects.


  • Modified ECS batcher to allow directly requesting batches without game objects using just meshes, materials, and transformation data.

  • Updated billboard shader to support instancing.

Animation Tools

  • Added cine tools for procedural locomotion

  • Added cine crawler rig, motion path, and steering

  • Expanded NPC tools to handle motion path locomotion to work with mechs

  • Added locomotion banking

UI Tools

  • Added better options for button audio

  • Added a flexible way to bind buttons and other UI elements to audio events

Data Model

  • Expanded reflection utilities

  • Refactored the entire equipment database

  • Moved all the old equipment data to the refactored data model

  • Standardized naming of equipment across the entire data model

  • Removed redundant parts of equipment data

  • Refactored save format

  • Moved all data to a sorted dictionary

  • Moved all the equipment data out of persistent context

  • Cleaned up stats on the equipment

  • Made unit presets more flexible

  • Added support for non-uniform per stat distribution

Experiments and tests

  • Internal weapon subsystems

  • Additional vehicles


Well… I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t more activity on these forums. I love the Front Mission games and I’m excited that something similar is coming out, and I really like the simultaneous turn taking system that this has. I have seen very few games that have done that well, and this looks like it will actually pull it off. It looks awesome, y’all, keep up the good hard work. Strategy RPGs are a dying style these days and I appreciate you keeping it alive.

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Thanks @DudeBroManGuy! Things are definitely pretty quiet while we’re in heads down mode, but with the Closed Alpha on the way, we’ll hopefully have more things to show you soon :slight_smile:

Happy to see this moving along :smiley:

As a person who has logged in nearly 1000 hours playing Frozen Synapse, it is THE game I am waiting for. An insta-buy once it hits early access

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