Physical copy - Can't redeem gold points in Europe or Australia


I’m having a problem when trying to redeem the gold points associated with the game. I’m in France, clearly have a European copy and trying to redeem them leads to a message that says I’m in the wrong region. It seems to be affecting everyone in Europe and Australia according to other reports:
Apparently it’s recognized as an American copy, which doesn’t make much sense.

I get that it’s probably a publisher problem, but I wanted to make sure someone knows about this. ^^’

Hmmm yeah this sounds like something you may have to get in touch with Nintendo for - that’s very strange indeed! I’ve let our team know about it though, thank you for sending this information our way!

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Thanks for your reply, I’ll try contacting Nintendo of Europe then. Have a nice day!

Edit: Oh, there was an update and it’s working now! Great :smiley:

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