Pilot Level System

Not sure if this has been discussed or not but is there any type of pilot leveling system in the works? Right now other than fatigue they seem kind of … meh. Insert pilot with less fatigue and go. Be cool to have pilots with better aim, concussion resistance, maybe faster reaction speed somehow? If you celebrate their birthday a permeant morale bonus or something. Either way keep up the good work so far, been loving the game and the new quality of life improvements with the mechs and inventory already make it far easier to recommend this game to people! Helps keep the action going in the streaming department too ahahah.

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Yes a pilot leveling system will be added to the game at some point. This has been discussed a bit, and there are a few threads about it on the forums.

Ideas wishes - Phantom Brigade / Game Discussion - Brace Yourself Games

Utility Items, Abilities, & Pilot Skills - Phantom Brigade / Game Discussion - Brace Yourself Games

Also the roadmap.
RoadmapV4_Forecast-1-1-1920x1080.jpg (1920×1080) (braceyourselfgames.com)

The first major updated just released yesterday, and there is lots more that will be added over the course of early access!!


Thanks for linking these! I will have to review them and throw my support behind the ones I like ahahaha. I can’t wait for all these awesome updates! (Particularly missiles and artillery weapons. I like big booms! ahah)