Pilots usage?

I am currently only a few hours in, and so far I have yet to see a reason to switch between pilots, instead of just waiting until the next day for them to calm down. Do different pilots operate different units better, or maybe unlock certain abilities after experiencing enough combat encounters? As of right now, they feel like more of a tacted on difficultly mechanic, then individuals you’d care about living and dieing in fight. I see no reason to try and save a pilot with an eject, when the pilot seemingly makes no difference, meanwhile the mech makes ALL the difference.

Do I just need to get deeper into the game? Or is managing your pilots purely to add difficulty?

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At the moment they have little to no functionality. I’m sure the devs will correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the long term plan is for them to have more purpose, including ideas like stats, abilities and personalities. These are likely to start being implemented when they also add the enemy pilot rival system, but as with any EA game nothing is set in stone yet.

Short answer they will indeed have more purpose eventually !

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Makes sense. Game still being early access, it would make sense for that not to be finished yet, the pilots just felt a little underwhelming currently.

Yeah they are at the moment. But there are plans, the roadmap calls it Pilot Progression, so take from that what you will. But judging the direction they are going and their inspiration I would presume the pilots will have stats and so forth.

roadmap_april_screenshot.jpg (1960×780) (braceyourselfgames.com)

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RodHull is right! We are excited to add and show you pilot features when they’re ready :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience

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