Plans for a physical release?

I loved Crypt of the Necrodancer and the its DLC and was hyped for Cadence of Hyrule when it was announced.
But I decided to wait hoping that a physical release would occur sooner or later (I like to hold things I guess).
When the demo dropped I jumped on it, played it intensively (yes I played a demo intesively) but resisted the urge to buy, still hoping.
Now that the DLC is out the urge is back.

So here is my question: Should I wait or is it a lost cause and I can buy the digital version?

It is a serious question because even if €25 is not that much I am not that rich either and don’t want to go digital and miss the physical later :frowning:

Well, I went on Discord and it kinda answered itself through the FAQ :

Will you be releasing a physical version? - We also have no announcements or news for a physical edition, sorry!

Sad self is saaaaad. Guess I’ll wait more then. :expressionless:

Hey Pogman! Yup, that’s still the case, no updates on that I’m afraid!