Power Grid Splitting

I found a couple of posts on this, but the answers didn’t help with my issue (could be I misunderstood).

TL;DR How do I fix a “split” power grid issue?

Anyway, I’m very early in and have power set up on a few floors in two factories and the HQ. I don’t have any energy depots. I have two overlapping level 2 pylons, and things were ok until, I think, I upgraded one of the pylons and after some messing around with turning things on and off I now have three grids, one of them servicing nothing and another taking on almost everything.

As I build new things they end up on the busy grid. What I’d really like is to get back to a single grid. I assume it’s an overlapping issue of some kind, but I’m in a very small area right now. I’ll keep messing around with it. Any advice would be appreciated.


It looks like Xethane shortages were probably making things go wonky.

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Hi @krieger19d and welcome to the forums! Yes, sometimes Xethane can cause issues with the power grid - though it can be a little complex to troubleshoot. Were you able to get everything back online? We’ve recently done a lot of bugfixing on power issues, so although they should be less frequent than previously, there are very likely some edge cases we haven’t run into before.

Yes, I got it all going again, but unfortunately I didn’t take a very methodical approach so it’s hard to say what exactly the begin state was or what changes I made. It happened once after that and I immediately noticed the fuel issue and corrected that. After I corrected the fuel issue it sorted itself out. I’ll pay closer attention next time and relay the information to you.


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Heh, now I have a grid called Eponymous Epimetheus #1. Grid #2, formerly #1 looks intact.

Oh. That’s a ship. Never mind. =)

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