Power grids

is there any way i can choose manually which energy grid a building belongs to ?? i have a power Plant in E-Grid #3 Next to a Attack Tower in E-Grid #2#3 hast 45 excess Power and in #2 i have a negative Power level… so the Tower isn’t working … its like starving in front of a stocked refrigerator… kinda annoying

thx in advance

hi @Orici_ger - you can connect power grids by using pylons and relays and overlapping their radii! if you have those already but are struggling to get power from one place to another you might have run into a bug.

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i fixed the thing by maximising the lvl of my power poles… i guess they overlap now and the entire “error” corrected itself… my favourite way of fixing things either by accident or turning it off and on again ^^ that’s why i am the CEO of an Corporation trying to rob Titan of its natural resources ^^ and you work in a Forum desperately trying to help Excess Co2 generators like me . … ah im just kidding … but Thanks for the response… :wink: :wink:

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glad to hear you were able to solve it! the council will be pleased :grin:

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There is an issue with power grids with internal building power that don’t have external connections and external grids from power turbines having issues on upgrading. When you upgrade a power turbine the grids go a bit crazy and seem to reset the grid numbers over and over