Power Issue in buildings + energy relay overlay

Build Number / Patch Number:p18544
Seed Number: 1455745424
Type of Bug: Energy Grid connection
Blocking Progression: Yes
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description:

After an attack from pirates, my energy grid is in a bit of disarray. My main factory that currently has all my citizen stuff, is unpowered. I’ve tried powering down other things but it wont bring the factory online.

Disabling/Enabling vairous power Pylons or other energy based buildings doesnt seem to do much. Sometimes it will disable the entire grid of a pylon despite it being online and connected.

ALso the ‘energy relay no longer shows the overlay’ seems to be a bit more common now that it was previously

GameData.zip (3.4 MB)

Thanks for the save file Satoru! We actually have a big backlog of energy bugs right now so I’ll crossreference this with your save file!

Ran into a similar issue again. This time I ran out of power as I over extended myself. The systsem treid to sort of compensate but I ran out of power so manything were powering up/down constantly until I got he fuel situation under control

Once fuel was fine the power grid was disconnected in several places

not sure if the ‘letting it get too far’ is relevant or if the ‘power cycling on and off contantly’ mabye causes some kind of run condition?

I have noticed, not sure if its intentional, but if you getinto a situation where all your power is all messed up, the game seems to try to power down things in some kind of weird way so that you’re no longer power cycling. Not sure if htat’s intentional or some kind of bug that’s manifesting itself due to the constant power cycling?

Another save where its happening. This time its in the city view. One section (where you see a mineral mine and inexplicably 6 smokestacks. is wher ethe disconnect begins

GameData (2).zip (3.3 MB)

I have a similar issue most of the buildings that dont have power are the command center and residential buildings i had built at least two energy plants and yet the residential buildings are still showing me power issues in one of my zen playthorugh.

Maybe i am doing something wrong? hopefully this power this issue gets fixed i am actually enjoying this game.

Hi @GamerWolf welcome to the forums! For residential building specifically make sure it’s not filling up with waste - that will cause the building to go offline.

For Command Center, I’m unfortunately unable to tell if it’s a bug or something else going on in your city unless you post a screenshot. If you have time to do so I’d be curious to take a look at your city!