Power Throttling and other suggestions/thoughts on the game

Currently you can spend way too much time optimizing things, which might be needed on higher difficulties. 95% of the time there’s no need to have turrets manned or enabled, Factories are generally better overall than their standalone buildings, ect. Just some suggestions to fix some of those issues.

Automatic Throttling of buildings/turret priority system:

All buildings when not in use should turn off when it makes sense. A monetization station without a civilian shouldn’t use buildings. Turrets not actively firing/reloading shouldn’t use power or at the very least should use very little power only when manned.

Alert system. Green/Yellow/Red alert which can be set by the player. Turret’s can be set to only be manned during a specific alert status. A turret set for yellow alert will only be active during a yellow or red alert. That way outer perimeter and turrets protecting certain buildings can be easily protected when minimal danger is around while the player can still activate all turrets during a large attack with a single button press.


Factories are repetitve to make. The copy button is nice but to be honest, not that useful. A copy floor button would be better or a copy entire factory.

The balance between factory and standalone building just seems off. Currently it seems it’s factories cost more resources, where buildings require more space to get the same out of them along with sometimes a worker. For example I can place 4 Energy generators-L in a single factory floor without much work to make 36 energy or 72 energy using two floors for 118 minerals plus some isotopes. I can spend 60 minerals + a lot more isotopes to make two energy generator buildings connected at level 3 to make 72 energy. A bit less work to make minus the constant upgrade and connect clicking as they get built. Not only does this take a worker but it also uses a connected building which can’t burrow and uses 2 tiles instead of 2/3rds of a single fully upgraded factory.

Ghost buildings/pre-set upgrades:

Right now it’s annoying not being able to plan buildings when you don’t have the resources and upgrading/connecting buildings multiple times is a pain along with replacing buildings. Ghost buildings should be placeable to fix this. When placing a building you can shift-click to plan a building, this will place it regardless of resources. Can even add a nice HUD display of how many resources are needed to complete all ghosts. The same can be done when clicking the upgrade button to upgrade a single building twice from level 1 to 3. A ghost of destroyed buildings should be placed to allow the player to quickly selected to rebuild the building along with a nice re-build all destroyed structures command/option to auto-replace buildings on destruction.


Perhaps I’m missing something but it feels like turret levels only increase range. They do more damage per a shot by virtue of having more ammo but they also take longer to reload leading to a simple increase in inital burst damage for the same overall sustained DPS. Just doesn’t feel right especially with the increased power cost.


Even with a ton of workers doing very little and storage buildings next to mines they also seem to read storage full. Workers just don’t constantly empty them. I can literally have 20-30 idle employees and have storage full on my mines.

Priority system:

I just salvaged a building that I wanted to build a pylon or command center on that spot. I really want to get rid of the resources there so I can build on that spot. Being able to select that specific plot and mark it as a high priority would be great. Also currently buildings a built in the order they are placed. Being able to select a building and mark it as high priority so it gets built first would be great.


Overall it’s been a very fun game, Titan difficulty can be a bit of a challenge and the basic part of the game is nice. I look forward to new content and I absolutely think the game can be great and I’m sure a few if not most of my issues with the game were already going to be fixed by something that is being planned but I wanted to note my suggestions anways just in case. So keep up the good work!

Agree on everything. I would love to be able to pre-plan eveything and let workers just complete the building as resources become available.

Same for the priority system, being able to select a sector to force complete all jobs there would be super.