Power usage

Sure I’m missing it, the UI is just a bit overwhelming at the beginning right - how do I see how much juice I’m using so I can build more power before it runs out?


Click on a building or machine that generates power, or power pylon, industrial outlet, essentially any structure that is part of your power network will show you use and cap.

there isn’t a ‘global’ pool of energy so its a bit hard to put it in the UI element since energy isnt global.

You can make it ‘functionally global’ by ensuring everything is connected

But theoretically you can create a factory literally on the other side of the map, fill it with your local power needs, and never build an Energy Pylon.

It would be nice if there was a way to make the grid’s power usage appear directly over the pylons. Or even just have a toggle on each pylon that makes a “holographic” display of the energy usage appear over that specific pylon. Or maybe have that option for the power depots (since their job is to store energy). So the depots have little displays over them telling how much demand/supply there is and a bar showing how much is stored. Then the numbers could turn red if the demand suddenly exceeds supply.