Prerendered video lag

Build Number / Patch Number: All of them since the first one
Seed Number: n/a
Type of Bug: low framerate of the intro video (developer logo) and intro cutscene to a new game.
Blocking Progression: n/a
Result of Save/Load: n/a
Short description: The logo/intro cutscene is extremely “laggy”, as in has a low framerate. I play on 3840*2160, Windows10 (various versions since the game came out), AMD RX 580, 16Gb RAM, the game is installed on an SSD.

Reproduction Steps: Start game, start new campaign.

Hi there @QuantaCat, welcome to the forums! Does the lag persist into the actual game or just for the opening cutscene?

Does not persist, hell, doesnt even persist for the UE4 logo, it really is just the cutscenes.

huh, interesting! I will log this and we will have a look at it sometime soon :slight_smile: thanks!

It probably has something to do with the level streaming that continues while the cutscene is already playing, but since nobody has reported it, possibly because of the high resolution?

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that’s definitely possible - I’m not sure what percentage of our players are using 4k monitors…!!

Do you have any 3rd party codec packs like CCCP or Klite installed?

No, I do not. I do have the entire Adobe video suite installed, but I cant imagine that being in the way.

Can you try something go to the install folder of the game and go to


And run the “DemoIntro.mp4” file in any movie player

Does it stutter there too?

Hey, I ran it in both VLC and whatever the built in windows 10 movie player is called nowadays, alls working fine. I have to add that I noticed the animated portraits of people were also MP4s, and those play fine in the game. I think it may be an issue with level streaming while the video is playing, since I noticed there arent any loading screens of any kind so far. That sometimes causes me issues when working with UE4, relatively simple to fix though. Note: reason Im going on about the streaming is because it only happens when either the game is loading, or the new level is, at no time else.

Do you need my DXdiag log?

I guess its wierd, while the game is loading during the intro screen it shoudlnt really be impacting the playback that much. The video should be upscaled which isnt that intensive for modern GPUs so I wouldn’t expect the higher monitor resolution to cause the video to stutter

My only theory might be that your anti-virus is scanning the movie or the exe causing enough disk latency to cause the stuttering. Maybe try adding the titan.exe in a whitelist or temporarily disable any anti-virus as a test.

The MP4s are even scaled to the resolution I use, so the upscaling shouldnt be an issue. Ill try next time with my AV switched off.

@QuantaCat if you could provide your dxdiag that would be useful to us!

not allowed to upload txt files? o_O (15.6 KB)

oh, hmm. let me see if i can fix uploading txt files… that’s really weird haha

So I tested it with my AV switched off, in fullscreen instead of borderless, tried 1080p and 1440p, still persists.

Tested on the latest patch, no difference, still lags. However, I did get to test the portraits, they do not lag at all, even though afaik they are videos as well.

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Hey @QuantaCat! Thanks for reporting back - I’ll put this in our backlog but not sure when we’ll be able to get it specifically fixed. The rest of the game also has some performance issues as I’m sure you’re aware, so it’s possible that as we start optimizing there the video lag may also clean itself up.

Oh, no rush at all, I just wanted to make sure I let you know in case it changed.

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Still have that weird video lag. Must be a codec issue on my end if noone else has that?