Pretty Empty Shell


For those who are thinking of purchasing this in its current state, I warn you that the game is pretty empty and simplistic at this point. After about 5 hours of play, I’ve explored all there is to do and continuing on is just a method in tedium. I am disappointed as I expected more in a title charging $29.99 USD even if it is early access.


I would like to add a positive note, in that, I think the shell we are presented with, is a solid foundation to grow from, and the overall aesthetic of the game tickles me in the right way.

Devs probably won’t let this get into a thread about how ‘expensive’ the game is vs being early access. But I’ll add I was initially put off by the price point.

Full disclosure, I couldn’t afford another $30 meaning my little brother has to share game time on my account. Kinda annoying, but hopefully theres a sale sooner than later.

Salutations to the Dev who may read this,

Honestly, I am also concerned about the price for an early access builder. I have made an account on the forum simply to air this concern and to reach out with a thought or two of my own.

I’ve joined early accesses in the past for several other games over my long years of playing video games. However, for every early access game I have fully supported, there are a good number that were either abandoned, or are still in early development with little to no updates even years down the line. This leads me to be nervous about any early access title, even when it comes to a genre I’m very passionate about. The fact that there is no demo isn’t at all comforting.

It’s hard to take any dev at face value these days. I realize the days of demos are dead and gone, but that gives you a hint to how old I am, and what era I come from when it comes to the gaming market. I’m no child, and I’ve done this song and dance many times before. With that said, might I make a suggestion?

Is there some way that in the coming weeks/months you could allow a short free trail period of the title just to try it out. Say 24 hours on the Epic games store, or something to that effect? It doesn’t need to be a long time. Merely enough to allow those of us on the fence a small taste. When I’ve asked other developers in the past about that sort of thing, they always tell me to watch videos online. I can tell you for a fact that those aren’t the sorts of companies I ever do business with. A game should be experienced, after all, not just viewed.

While $30 is a fair price for a completed and fully operational city builder/management sim, I feel that may not be true for an early access title that (as far as I know based on personal experiance) may never see completion. Without a chance to play it for myself, I’d never be able to justify the cost blindly. That being said, I really would suggest perhaps advertising a free 24 hours of game-play trial or something in early access to allow those of us on the fence a small tidbit of what the game has to offer.

I can only speak for myself, but I am far more willing to make purchases from a developer who thinks of the consumers first and foremost when launching their product to perspective buyers whenever it is possible to be accommodating in that particular way.

Kind regards,

While I understand where you’re all coming from, all I can really say is that buying into an early access process makes you uneasy, you’re more than welcome to wait for the full release of the game down the line.

To me, the lure of something like this is that you can help shape the game become what you want it to become. As such, opening up the process as soon as they have when all that available is the foundation to build the mechanics upon is great when that’s what you’re trying to get out of it.

But, if this doesn’t appeal to you and you rather make sure you get your money money’s worth in gameplay and features, the best bet would be to wait until the full release or at least for development to move further along. (And this is a fine stance to have, not trying to shame anyone here)

As far as demos go, it’s tricky. They could build the demo themselves, but that would only come at a later date, it’s not a trivial amount of effort and it would take away from developing the actual game. Making sure the demo stays synchronized with the live game during this fast development stage is a bit of work too.
Doing it through timed access in the store would be something that would fall on Epic to do but since they don’t add DRM to games, I’m not sure how that could work…

Personally i myself have been in a similar position with early access most have panned out ok but some haven’t its the risk etc but what personally peeved me was the fact stuff like roads etc were shown in the pics of ea yet ingame it says they’re planned down the road now might just be me but when i see pics of an ea game unless stated otherwise i make the conclusion its in the game which ive gotta admit i was suprised and not in a good way