PSA - How To Upload Crash Bugs and Stack Information

Crash bugs are of course frustrating but uploading critical information is important. By providing the crash information, the devs can better understand what happened and fix problems

Simple Version

If not technically savvy, then the base amount you should do is copy and paste the information from the Unreal Engine Crash Reporter window into the post you make. This will greatly assist the devs in understanding what crashed and why.

Then proceed with the rest of the bug report

Complicated Version

If you’re technically savvy then uploading the full logs and crash dumps can be very useful. When you get the UE crash window click the “click here to view directory”

You’ll be taken to a windows folder

When submitting your bug report you can upload the files to the forum

Copy and paste the windows path from where you got it from in the UE4 Crash reporter. Then right click and zip all the files up

This will assist you in giving the devs the maximum amount of information possible when you encounter a crash

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Thank you so much for putting this together, Satoru! I’m going to sticky this topic so it’ll be more visible.

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