Question About Laser Cannon from the Phantom Brigade Teaser Trailer!

Just had a question about that Laser Cannon used in Phantom Brigade Teaser Trailer. Is it a real gun you can unlock in the game itself or not in the game? - Go to 0:38 / 1:13

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Ohhh,… that would be a fun party favor

Not in the game yet. I would assume it would come with the artillery update. I think that got pushed back cause originally it was coming same time as missile weapons.


Real question is, can you sweep the laser like in the trailer?

Would be a neat trick! Particularity if it sliced though buildings or weaken buildings.

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it literally one-shot like 9 tanks!

I remember the particle cannon in Front Mission 3. It had perfect accuracy and long range, and was pretty much guaranteed to destroy any mech part it hit, but you could only fire it once per turn due to its AP cost. By the time you got it it was really just for the cool factor. :sunglasses:

Will the Arsenal Update II have the Laser Cannon or the Aresnel Update III which has energy weapons?