Rain, rain go away!

This is my first time having a topic on this forum and I was being sent by Sir_carma on discord on 23rd of May this Saturday. I encountered a possible game slowdown to which I was building a lot of buildings while raining. Then my FPS drops drastically whenever it rains and goes away after it subsides. I was wondering if you could have a weather toggle off/on, on gameplay settings to attenuate this kind of problem. my version was and my rig is listed below:

Processor: Intel i3 - 6100 3.70 GHz
RAM: HyperX Kingston 2x4GB 2133MHz
SSD: 120GB WD Green
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti

I’m on my twelfth hour of the game and it really occurs when it rains and suddenly FPS Drop.

and oh the starting cinematic of the game after I created a newly save too has FPS drops and sound issues.

i had the lowest possible setting for the game to function and has 60FPS below when it rains.

you what they say, When it rains, it pours A LOT.

Ods but please dont kill the rain, it was an old issue this one in the past.
Tested on something similar with your configuration, i7 6700 8GB and 960M with 4GB VRAM (960M and 750TI it’s similar chip and i can play the game with visual setings higher with no issue.
First of all try to upgrade the GPU driver to latest.

I am really surprised that this is still occurring! Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll forward this post along to our VFX artist - we are planning to do an optimization pass soon in our development and are hoping to address this very issue. Thanks for posting!

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Rain is nice in the game,give a cyberpunk vibe

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after i get over 100 employers and a big city game drops down under 30 fps

thanks for sharing with us…this is very helpful…

I like that rain is actual rain, not just a flat “rain” effect on the camera. That said, an option to tone that down for old systems wouldn’t be a bad idea.

indeed it was helpful… no reply?