Recruit available in mountain base but it only proposes smoke screens

I already recruited new “recruits” in other towns but this time I can’t find out how to do that in the starting mountain base : I always get the “smoke screen” event instead.
Am I missing a button or a menu ?

Note that I was able to recuit in another village after that.

Hi there @Ghis_B - had you recruited any pilots from Felheim prior to this, or just from other settlements? You should be able to just recruit from there directly, no special button or anything.

I’m not sure but I think I never went back to Felheim before.
Also the first time you get the opportunity to get a smokescreen (at the beginning) I refused it. Maybe that’s why the smokescreen is still showing up although I have 3, which would prevent the recruiting screen to show up ?

I just got a similar issue : after a fight in a town I chose not to salvage, but then I was offered to celebrate and did that (there were still other red spots in the region so I didn’t expect that to happen).
Then there was this weird situation where I’m spending 6h in a town for celebration, so I could salvage at the same time but I already refused it so I would need to leave town and come back right after.
Except I can’t leave since I’m celebrating. (see the available salvage in the image)

Another time I had to leave a place and come back just after to trigger the salvage event because another event happened first.

Long story short, it would be great to have a button to make any available event happen when we’re in a location (recruit, salvage, smoke screen, memorial, etc) because they can overlap and prevent each other from happening when you get there.