Repair Jobs not appearing in the task list

Build Number / Patch Number: 0.8.0-b2953-S
Seed Number: 1468382977
Type of Bug: Gameplay
Blocking Progression: Yes
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description: After attack damaged buildings are not being listed in the tasklist correctly and repair is not being completed, when trying to do manual reapair, little dude will appear and his reapiring magic will go for split of a second and stop, but the building is not fixed. If i retry manual repair few times depending on how damaged the building is, it may take some long time, eventually building will get repaired but repairing all the buildings this way most times take too long and before i fix all the buildings i get attacked again and it is no fun currently. This bug just appeard after one of the attacks, i have tried saving reloading, restarted the game few times nothing helps buildings show damage but not on the tasklist.

Reproduction Steps: This is constant no need to reproduce

Hi there @Ponury and welcome to the forums! This is actually not a bug - repairing costs credits, so what is actually happening is your employee is just repairing as much of the building as possible before you run out of credits. I would suggest waiting a bit to build up more credits and then trying to repair your city again, or getting more citizens to watch ads for you! :smiley:

Am i really being that silly … Jeez apologies i did not even look at the cash level, my bad.
Thx for prompt reply, by the way i love this game :wink:

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