As I’m playing PB, I tend to just watch the fights in half speed just to see all the details of every moving part of combat. Sometimes I see something really aesthetically pleasing and I’m just wishing to watch it again. Is the a replay system in the game that I don’t know about? and if there isn’t PLEASE add one ASAP! Great work guys keep the updates coming! :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

yea its in the roadmap as a later feature

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You could also use the debug tool also known as the developer tool all you do is go to the Phantom Brigade folder:
This PC > (Your C:) > EpicGamesLibary > PhantomBrigade > Configs > Data > Settings > debug.yaml

After you do that you can edit with Notepad or Notepad++ (preferred) then activate devolperMode: true. After this you can go inside the game and use Nvidia Capture or something to capture your own shots. When you click on the num. pad “+” all hud stuff will disappear so you can take cool videos and photos. You can also use 9,8, & 7 to do other stuff in the game too, try it out. I hope this helps.