Request: energy surplus / deficit visible in status bar on top

Hey there BYG. Very impressed with your game so far, especially given the size of the team. I have about 10 hours of gameplay to date and I am loving it. Easy to understand but with depth already. Unless I missed something, my biggest ask would be to be able to view your energy surplus / deficit in the status bar on top, in which there seems to be room for more info without cluttering the UI. You constantly have to click on an energy component to view your energy consumption status after you built anything, to see where you stand energy production-wise, unless you can do the math for everything you build (doable, but not handy). A simple -1 with a little lighting bolt in front would go a long way in giving you a full overview of your city status at a glance incucluding energy.
Also I haven’t quite understood why my citizens and workers die at times, even if there is no attack. Long term effect of pollution? This is not super clear to me.
Keep up the good work! Your game deserves the praises I am seeing everywhere.

I think the issue with that is there is no guarantee that you have one single energy network. So you could seperate your energy network either on purpose or because of an enemy attack into multiple segments and what energy usage do you show. The one network that might be fine, the other that is lacking, or the total of them which might show that everything is good.

There are some enhancments that should be made IMO:

  1. Clicking on an energy item that shows battery should show all available battery storage across the entire network that that device is hooked up to.
  2. The advanced checkbox by the overlay currently only shows pollution figures. It could show pylon energy figures as well. Pollution, under that energy used/energy available under that battery amount…

Here are some more thoughts in case the devs are reading this:

  • when you have a lot of buildings in a small area, esp. after upgrading to level 3, it looks beautiful but it’s hard to see what’s what (if you have a lower level building surrounded but higher ones it’s easy not to notice it). It feels like it’s missing a way to highlight all the buildings of the same type, for instance by double-clicking it (or ctrl-click for instance). The double click is only used to enter 2 types of building if I am not mistaken so it’s free for the other ones.
  • probably a known bug but sometimes your workers will just not build 1 or 2 buildings. They will build all the other ones that are newer but simply leave some updates or builds as they are without going at them, even if you have the resources at hand and the right priorities set for your minions.
  • the way resource collecting and distribution works doesn’t always seem logical. I have seen workers pick up resources from my downtown/starting area when there were storage buildings closeby with the resources available. I don’t feel in the current state that adding storage buildings nearby mines or zones that you are developping helps cutting down building time by reducing travel.
  • Whatever I do, mines are ALWAYS full. Workers don’t seem to pick up resources from mines to take them to a storage building nearby.

Have you played with the latest build yet? On 5/5 we launched a small content update that added this highly requested feature. The game now has a UI widget dedicated to Energy and Fuel management in the Top UI.

Thank you for your feedback. Many of those issues are known and we plan to address over time. We are currently balancing our time between bug fixes, polish, and adding new features.