Resources not being collected

My workers are Idle, some even have been assigned to move resources, but several stacks of resources will not be collected.
Saving and reloading, the stacks still dont get picked up
dismantling stuff, those resources are collected, but the stuck resources are never collected.
This is stopping a ship taking off, or being dismantled
Some resources are also present in the city and got stuck, after being mined or salvaged, while others are collected fine.
There is plenty of space for resources, even building more resource storage does not help the workers see the resources, a worker on the ship is even standing on the resource! -
Its as if the workers have forgotten or cant see these particular stacks of resources anymore, yet clicking on a tile states they are there.
Where to submit save game file for review?

You can use the ingame bug reporter, but I would also recommend updating your game - we just put out a patch that might fix a number of these issues.

From your description, part of the issue is that resource clean up is first in first out - if you have a lot of resources waiting for pickup in your city, and then dismantle some resources on your ship, the resources on the ship will get picked up last. It’s something we want to change as it ruins game flow pretty frequently for players!

ok thanks, bug button tucked away in corner, found it now…
I seems patch just come out so restarted game,
17 idle workers, 1 has to decide its worth picking them up…
I’ll give it a few mins for workers to have a chance then in game bug submit,

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