Road Pickup and Waste pickup

Build Number / Patch Number: p20589
Seed Number:1460850322
Type of Bug: Job Priotirty + Road
Blocking Progression: No
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description:

Collecting resources for patches next to roads

In older patches if resources were next to a road, workers would use trucks to ferry those resources back and forth between the patch and any buildings. However in the latest patch this seems tonly apply along the ‘long’ side of the road.

Frequently I will be building a road out so I’ll survey a building, break it down to minerals, then build a road over it workers will get to removing all the stuff underneath. THis process now is very slow because workers dont seem to use roads for this puprose but always walk.

Collection of Waste when putting building or on top of resources

I’m seeing issues where if I place a building or a module on top of existing resoucrs, it works up until it needs to clear out the waste. At which point workers won’t clear the waste. They will only clear waste under underlying buildings/modules if you re-prioritize jobs to “clean waste”

Also it feels like the workers are only walking to where the original walking entrance is to both my HQ and Factory. Despite it being connected via roads

GameData.7z (318.7 KB)

To add to this, I have a game now, where I now notice

  1. If a road is next to resrouces on the ground, workers will use trucks to pickup the resources

  2. If I place a road over this resource patch instead, workers will instead walk to the road instead

It seems like the workers are sort of going to the ‘front entrance’ of the road which dosnt’ face the existing road so the AI thinks its unconnected and then walks?

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