Save-killing softlock

WasKilledBy and Kailaria initially discovered that Zelda’s balcony could disappear, including with the player still on it.
Priw8 found the root cause.
(Subsequent steps leading to softlock by me.)

  • Start a Story Mode file, pick Zelda
  • Do not hit the balcony Sheikah Stone
  • Make sure there’s a half-block east of the balcony
  • Do not pick up the Lute
  • Unlock Skull Kid
  • Walk back to the balcony, using the half-block to climb up
  • Hit the Sheikah Stone
  • Save & Quit, reload
  • The player is now stuck on the balcony forever

Note: Even without the softlock (player picked up Lute), this can still seemingly lock the player out of Nayru’s Love and the Telescope if they haven’t picked them up yet. Root cause (by Priw8) is just “unlock Skull Kid + save and quit = deletes Zelda’s balcony”. The balcony should probably never be disappearing over the course of the save file.

Thanks for bringing this one to our attention!