Send us your Titan fan translations!

hello fanny, j’ai un peu de temps libre et je suis prêt à vouloir aider si besoin.

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Hello I like this game very much like this is the first I bought the original game from the beginning of all sorts of BUG flash back to now I still like it very much although it is also a variety of BUG is pretty much like me but I still want a Chinese patch in English is the most difficult thing for me!!!

Hello, I like this game very much. This is the first genuine game I bought. From various BUG flashbacks, I still have various BUG flashbacks, but I still like it very much. My dreams are in architecture. It’s too difficult to hope for an official Chinese patch

Hope to appear in Chinese patch

Hello! We need to progress farther in development before we can begin official translations, but localization is definitely on our roadmap. Hopefully someone will be able to provide a Chinese fan translation! I am glad you’re enjoying the game though.



Hi, I am interested to help out with Chinese localiztion. Let me know how can I help out.

Hi ASML! That’s awesome. :slight_smile:

To create a fan translation of the game, you will need to overwrite the below files with localized files. You can share your translated file in these forums, and we can add it to our list!
{Install directory}\Titan\Content\TextData\GameStringTable.txt
{Install directory}\Titan\Content\XML\tutorial.xml

Please note that fan translations will not be used in the game itself as we will be using professional localizers for that, and that this is a temporary measure throughout Early Access until we are ready!

it seems every double byte characters were gone with new update.

Hi @Poge Thanks for posting this, I’ll talk to the team about it. We recently upgraded our engine so that might have a hand in causing this problem!

@poge, and everyone else using fan translations - we’ll have this fixed next hotfix! (hopefully end of this week)

finally I’ve done updating and playtesting, so I publish new Japanese fan translation for IoT v0.22.
thanks much, @byg_alexa.

Industries of (66.6 KB)

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This is Chinese translation,Game Versin is:17545.version (NO Experimental)
How to check the game version, I can only see 2020-07-13-1158-p17545-v596-s

(From Google translator, my English is not good, ha ha :joy: (63.2 KB)

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@BYG_Community chinese translation

Japanese Translation for 0.3.0
Added intro cinematic’s subtitle, just 4 lines tho…

Industries of (81.3 KB)

Hello everyone! We have posted a new guide on how to translate the game over here. Check it out!

Japanese Translation for 0.4.1
Industries of Titans Japanese (130.5 KB)

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Nice update! Now it’s really easier using a CAT tool over the file!

Italian translation updated at the usual link!

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Mise a jour 03/10/2020

*Traduction du codex (chargement lancement de partie)
*Correction de traduction du hub de transport et de la ligne de construction de camion qui réduisez la barre de construction et donc construisez plus vite les camions.
*Traduction d’une 100ene de ligne supplémentaire.

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Japanese Translation for 0.5
Industries of Titan Japanese (137.6 KB)