Share your screenshots / videos!

Took what I thought was a cool screenshot when playing earlier, and didn’t see any other dedicated screenshot thread, so…here we go! Show off your bots!

(Hot tip: Numpad minus to toggle HUD on / off!)


First, I want to thank you for the screenshot pro-tip. Definitely going to be using that from now on.

My first shot isn’t really a cool one. It’s just hilarious. I had a mission where the enemy was fielding naked mechs. I spent a good minute laughing at them. Then I killed them.

This second shot though. I really like this one. I learned about knocking people around with shields and how the size categories worked through watching the dev stream… and let’s just say I’ve been having a good time bullying the enemies.


Hope it fits here, it’s kinda about Videos.
My favourite Streamer, CohhCarnage is taking a look at Phantom Brigade tomorrow
(Sun. 29th of November) at 8am ET (in under 13h from time of posting). cohhcarnage

(without the space)

Edit: Stream is live right now

Edit2: And the Phantom Brigade segment of the Stream is done.
I think Cohh really enjoyed his first look at Phantom Brigade,
because he wants to do the same tomorrow (Mon. 30th Nov)
at 8am ET.

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A little something Im wworking on



This is my first full video. Its not that great. Mostly its a learning exercise.


Here are some of my favorite screenshots (To the annoyance of the people watching my stream as I take them ahahahh) I have had some cool moments I need to hunt down in my vods. I think I’m going to make the last one my screen background for a while.


Snipers are OP

Looking for opinions on the camera shake. Using a new software and trying some effects.
So… give it a look and tell me honestly. What do you think of the shake ??

Seems a little much, maybe pull it back 50% of current? It seems more like a earthquake at the moment then gunfire.

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Thanks for the view. Yeah it felt off to me too. Which is why I asked for opinions.
Sadly Divinci Resolve doesnt allow you to customize or alter effects. Feels clumsy to me.
I need better software

I played a bit more with special attention to snipers since you mentioned them. Im, on the fence. Im reminded of Gunpla snipers, who were deadly when they zeroed in. However I am also a bit disturbed that I have had mecha blasted to spare parts by being too close to one. Also Several hits from my own sniper on several occasions have rendered the attacking mecha force powerless. In one combat I shot two different mecha as they moved forward. Both enemy pilots ejected the next round. Based on movies and cartoons this is what we have come to believe and expect from ‘Snipers’. They wipe out enemies, like an unseen god. I think it adds an element of danger when you’re facing an enemy with a sniper on their team.