Ship Building

I have a problem with ship building. When i build a ship i construct all needed modules on it ( crew pods, life support, generators etc. ) also weapons. But when I launch the ship it cant attack… I have everything built. All modules are powerd and have a crew member to operate them but still the ship wont attack.
Why is that?? are the lasers need to be placed at a specific ship location??

Hi @Arczi1985 and welcome to the forums! On a ship, it’s important to make sure your Employees can actually access all the devices on your ship - unless they can walk to the weapons they will not be able to operate them. Do you mind showing a screenshot of your current ship layout?

Yes I noticed that they need to get to the module in order to operate it.

Here is a ship I built. It looks like weapons have crew but the ship does not attack

Hmm this sounds like something other people are reporting as well. Are any workers inside your ship when you enter it after launching?