Ship Causes FPS Issues

Build Number / Patch Number: p21244
Seed Number:1463531064
Type of Bug: performance issue
Blocking Progression: no
Result of Save/Load: no
Short description: specific ships cause FPS issues when speed is above normal

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Load latest quicksave 11/10/20 10:38
  2. FPS is very bad especially at 3x speed
  3. Launch ship Satin Ephimius from Shipyard Yah-64
  4. self destruct ship
  5. fps returns to normal

There’s a ship being repaired in Eta-76 but destructing htat ship doesnt fix the fps. Seems related only to “Satin Ephimius”. The layout is pretty horrible but I don’t seee any particular issues with why the fps would dive with that layout. I was just in combat with some pirates, maybe some of the damage?

GameData.7z (1.2 MB)

Had this issue as well on 0.6.4.

Cause was an unreachable area on the ship. In the bottom left corner of this screenshot.


There was a shield there, where the mineral boxes are now. The guys could not reach the area behind the box, where repairs were required. Once the shield was dismantled, the area could be reached and the lag immediately disappeared.

Every time i switch in between interior and exterior the frames drop and everytime it is in combat it drops

Usually taht’s when a particular ship is causing an a giant FPS issue. Destroying that one ship tends to fix the FPS

The issue is actually more that

  1. your ship is damaged
  2. your employees on the ship cannot walk/path to the place that needs repairs

The fact that there’s no pathing seems to be one cause of the FPS tanking. Note things like batteries or fuel generators dont need employees to man them, so the game lets you tetris them in any way you want. But if they get damaged, the AI can’t get to the stuff you’ve layred 15 things deep and it causes all sorts of lag (I assume its the AI constantly trying to recalculate a path it will never find)

For now self-destructing one of your ships will fix the problem