Ship Causing FPS issues above normal speed -

Build Number / Patch Number: p19648
Seed Number:1458180692
Type of Bug: performance issue
Blocking Progression: no
Result of Save/Load: no
Short description: specific ships cause FPS issues when speed is above normal

Reproduction Steps:

  1. load latest quicksave
  2. run game in normal speed, fps is as expected
  3. increase speed to medium or high, fps becomes choppy, difficult to pan across screen
  4. self-destruct ‘Orange Drone’ ship
  5. FPS immediately fixes itself

I’ve mostly seemed to notice this happening if I ‘zoom into’ the ship itself. the fps when looking inside a ship seems to be very bad on medium or high game speed. once zoomed in the issue then seems to manifest itself outside teh ship as well. (2.7 MB)


Ah, thanks for providing a save file that reliably reproduces! We have been trying to hunt this one down for the last month and none of the times we’ve run into it have been reproduceable. At first I suspected something to do with idle workers in ships but I believe we’ve ruled that out on our end thus far.

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I continued my game and started noticing more slowdowns

  • load latest quicksave

  • even when on normal speed the game is lagging. It will fix itself for a bit, then begin to lag again on normal speed. It basically cycles between being ok and then lagging.

  • On medium/high speed it just lags all the time

  • ** when i load this game I notice in the energy grid pulldown seems to ‘blink’ and shift the grids that it show between my various ships. I wonder if this is something going on? Like the game is calculating stuff and causing the lag?**

  • Destroying Dapper Aegir fixes it - this was one of my original ships that got damaged. the other 2 ships were newly built. Makes me feel like damaged ships may be the issue? or something about when a ship is damaged with the workers?

GameData (2).zip (3.8 MB)

Ok I’ve now got a reproducible example and fix

So by my HQ I have 2 environmental scrubbers. This is draining all the Xethane from the air

Xethane that my ships need to run. Whoops!!

In the screenshot you see the ship Valiant Kiviuq. Is near my HQ and has 0 fuel since its using fuel extractors in an area with basically zero xethane. While the ship has 0 fuel, the FPS begins to tank and the ‘blinking’ of the grid dropdown happens.

But move the ship into a section that has xethane and the FPS immediately recovers!

So my previous post about destroying the ship fixing the issue I had though the ship itself was bugged. Destroying the ship just ‘moved’ the ship out of the 0 xethane zone. When in fact the ship itself was fine, it was the ship’s loss of fuel and what I imagine was the constant recalculation that was causing the FPS problem.

GameData (3).zip (3.5 MB)

So I guess it woudlnt be a bug if it was just one thing, though it appears to be the same cause in a sense

Load the latest quicksave

In this one, the ship Prancing Panther was in a fight. Looking at after it was repaired,

  1. Most of the electricity based stuff says ‘draining batteries’
  2. the UI element on the left says +2 for energy
  3. but it counts DOWN despite the +2??

THe issue seems to be similar-ish-sorta, the recalculation of energy/fuel seems to cause the FPS issue. In this case teh ship’s electricity grid is bugged, causing the recalcluation to have issues (that’s my theory given the behavior)

In this case the ship itself is actually bugged, so the only way ot proceed is to self-destruct the ship

---- Also as a side note, it seems like ‘supply smokestack’ is bugged as no one is supplying the smokestack.

Note I used 7z because it seems to do a lot better on compression and my saves are getting larger so its harder to get under the limit. 7zip can decompress these files

GameData.7z (612.0 KB)


Thanks @Satoru - you are a champ! This is a great lead :smiley: (also, no worries about 7z - that’s the one I use too haha)

Hey - just reported the same bug. vzmejiqh is the report ID. Its pretty much game breaking at the moment seems the ship to ship combat is causing the game to run to a halt. CPU and GPU all are normal so its in the game itself, goes down to 1 FPS and pretty much crashes after that.

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Hi folks, I hope another save file helps:

Only the latest one has the bug. Ship started in a low-xethane area but even after moving it out FPS is still on the floor.

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I’d save teh game first, then start self-destructing various ship.

Generally one of them is bugging out the game. Usually ones with energy grids that are all weird, will cause the issue. once you identify which ship is causing hte problem, reload the save and self-destruct only that one.

The fuel thing I mentioned was really more the symptom of a larger issue, that a bugged fuel/energy grid on ships seems to cause issues.