Ship lacking energy despite surplus production


I ran into this after a fight, where the ship was pretty badly damaged. Probably hit one of the generators.

The ship had 16/21 energy being used. All the generators were manned and active and on the same grid. The UI listed the energy as +5 on the top of the screen for this particular ship.

Despite this, the batteries emptied and the ship ran out of power. Life support failed and started killing employees.

Restarting the generators seems to have fixed the calculation, which I did before screenshotting so I have no screen dump. The ship was still on 16/21, the top UI said +5, but the batteries filled up and everything worked again.

Happened again, got a screen this time:


Batteries draining despite positive energy production on the grid. And it’s not that it drained before and now being charged - the stored energy was dropping as I took that screen.

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Hmm, that IS a weird one! We have a rework of the energy system ongoing right now, which will hopefully solve issues like this. Did you run out of fuel at any point in time maybe?

I don’t think so. My map is very low on xethane, so I have to stack a lot of fuel tanks as you can see. Otherwise the ships don’t last in fights over the city. I’m pretty sure I didn’t run out, except perhaps in the very start of the ship before its launched.

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