Some ideas about the game

Hello Folks.

So overall i love the game and the whole idea behind it. I wanna make some suggestions still to further improve it.

I will try to keep this simple and short cause i know no one wants to read unnecessary convoluted stuff.

1.Combat clarity-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

a. When you click on one of your mechs it would be nice if the enemies that attack this unit would be highlited.

b. Show a preview of the Dmg a Unit would take if it wouldn’t negate any of it. So we can instantly see which Unit has to be “moved” to avoid taking too much dmg.

c. A little Icon on top of our Units so we can distinguish them better from the enemie.

  1. Whishlist for new stuff ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

a. Akimbo, Melee akimbo would be nice too.

b. Anti air defense.( Flak or miniguns to get rid of missiles)

c. Stomb attacks against Tanks.

d. Shield generators. Let a unit place a bubble big enough to hide itself and close allies into it for a short duration or a limited amount of Dmg.

e. Giant experimental Mechs.(Only enemy) Would like to see some incredible huge Mechs or Tanks. Kinda like a Bossfights.

f. Unigue items. Items that only exist once in the game and can be aquired through special missions for example. Like spider Legs for a Mech to climb up on any terrain or building.

The rest-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

a. Autopause the time after you finished your queue(Repairs,Workshop etc)

b. Less Loot but better qualitiy. Every mission i get 5-10 grey items i can throw in the trash instantly. Sadly i have to click every item and then click again to trash it. This is realy REALY tedious and no fun.

I dunno if some of this is already on the roadmap or even already in the game. I am relatively short into the game with just a few hours played. Cannot wait to see this game grow it has massiv potential to be the best mech game out there.


  1. Combat clarity
  • You can fairly quickly see if enemies are targeting a mech by checking the time line. All red lines towards your mech means that you will get targeted.
  • Since weapons are not 100% accurate(and so could hit areas that are weaker or stronger on your mech, or miss entirely), and also might be interrupted by crashing or line of sight issues, this would not really be possible. Always assume that if you take the hit, it will hurt more than you want it to. You dont want to tank hits, unless you have no choice.
  • Paint your units. It really helps with quickly identifying them on the battlefield(and it looks nice). Also, all enemies have a red “glow” UI element(predictive outline), while yours are blue. I wouldnt be against an icon, but cant really see how it would help to be honest.
  1. Wishlist for new stuff
  • Agreed. Akimbo weaponry would be cool. My idea is that it is a dedicated weapon system in and of itself, so for example: Akimbo “Spark”, is a secondary weapon consisting of 2 Spark pistols. You still have the option of a primary weapon as well.
  • Personally I dont have an issue with enemy missiles. Also, if you bring anti-missile weaponry, so could the enemy, making it kind of pointless to use missiles yourself. Missiles are currently countered by terrain(especially buildings) and high speed. If they fly for the full duration(their max range) they will detonate in mid air. Slow mechs(and tanks) are easy targets for missiles, but missile damage is low(compared to most other weaponry), so I personally think it is a fair tradeoff.
  • If you dash into an enemy tank, it is pushed and crashes. If it then collides with terrain or other vehicles, it takes some minor damage. A “stomp” would take too long and make your mech an easy target, so would be situational at best. If you want to melee tanks, pick a melee weapon and destroy them. They are pretty good for that, since not only will they deal high damage, but also smash them around. Just my opinion.
  • I dont think a “bubble shield” is a good idea, because it would either be “too good”(can easily negate all enemy attacks from any direction) or be too weak to bother. A deployable “wall-barrier” would give strong protection against a specific direction, but could also be flanked. As such, even if used against you, you can still “do something”. It could also be used as a way to block off roads. So I like the idea of a shield generator, or a physical deployable barrier, but it should be a wall, not a bubble.
  • Some kind of “boss” enemy would be cool every now and then.
  • Unique items, or “Prototypes” would be cool. Could add a lot of fun variety and further specialize some of your mechs.
  1. The Rest
  • Would be nice as a toggle in the options menu at least.
  • Agreed. I would rather get less loot(or have to craft it myself) than getting countless grey items that dont have subsystems and often have negative modifiers to various stats. It is just time spent on inventory management for the sake of inventory management.

I agree that this game has massive potential. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. Adding to the thread. Some ideas from around 20hrs into the game, so relatively new but enough to have an impression as a seasoned RTS and turn-based strategy player (from Dune II, X-Com etc.). This is game is awesome and we want it to be great. So here it goes:

Turn/order system after getting used to it, it’s actually a strength and a very innovative part of the game. Wondering how it would work in multiplayer, i.e. if a mechanism could try to predict moves from a human opponent based on historical behaviour in other games.

Battles amazing battles, human-like animations, dynamic music. The mechanics and the way projectiles are animated and ricochet on surfaces depending on the angle etc, this is just amazing. So the battles are awesome. Best of any current turn-based game I can imagine - basically it’s art. But the question is, do we want to game to be just an amazing way of playing and watching mechs, or a little bit more?

Enemies/weapons/mechs the variety of weapons and mechs is great as well as the special effects. Perhaps more enemy variety but that’s coming, as well as some more colours for enemies, would not be a bad idea. Akimbo would be fun for sure.

Most important: Campaign it’s engaging but can bland. This is something to reflect on, if we want the game to have longevity. Can the enemy counterattack often? For example, in controlled provinces where there is still an enemy/red camp or base, what is the player supposed to do? Going around the map attacking the next difficulty level region is just a bit too linear some times. Would it make sense to have any defensive missions, rather than moving back the base for example? How dynamic should the enemy be when the base invades a territory, rather than just watching? What’s the contribution from having one territory to the availability of resources? So far what’s most exciting about the game is the battles, but perhaps some more work could be done on the map.

Battle speed: Making speed not default to normal when executing, but instead to the last speed you used during the previous turn. Making the speed buttons (1-4) available even in photo mode should be an easy one. Currently, this is a bit frustrating: you are looking at the awesome battle in photo mode but you can’t change the speed from there. Also, having another option for 1/4 speed is very important, as slow speed is really slow but half speed is faster than you want if you are looking at multiple mechs. Ideally it would be great to vary the speed gradually with a +/- button. Another minor bug: pressing the Esc key to during a battle doesn’t pause the action.

Melee: Another slightly frustrating aspect is not being able to ram down an opponent with your axe/sword if the enemy is slightly above or below you. Understood, it may be procedurally difficult, but thrusters should be able to push a mech up/down. This makes melee weapons a bit less useful on hilly terrain, but also it’s not super realistic. Also a small bug: when you hit enemy mechs and throw them away, they some times go back to the starting point, i.e. they fly back to where they were before.

Other / small features / wishlist: Replay of course, as it has been discussed above, as well as saving the battle to be replayed or video file, would be awesome. Salvageable blue prints for manufacturing for example, which would be good on top of acquiring parts from markets and other mechs. Pilot roster / upgradable skills / record of all kills of other mechs and units in each pilot’s career. Other small glitches: when a mech hits another mech or a tank and it flies in the air, other mechs targeting it shoot at ground level.

100 Duck-sized horses vs on horse-sized duck: Slightly bigger enemy mechs could also be interesting, as long as they remain realistic (i.e. not a fantasy/type game, i.e. not 2x bigger than a normal mech, but maybe 10-20%). Gives more satisfaction to fight against one bigger bad guy rather than lots of small tanks.

I would love to have large-sized mechs as minibosses, in addition to enemy ace pilots. These giant mechs should have many more body parts to deal with, in addition to a large Heat pool and mounted weapons. But this may be a larger undertaking since they’ll need to work out how these giants would work and the physics that go with it, still I hope it can be done, maybe as an expansion or something.

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Anyone played Rise of Nations or Rise of Legends campaign, the risk type map where enemy can counter attack you settlement but you could upgrade your settlements to fightback or give it economic upgrades where it can support your battles in adjacent regions with reinforcements. Phantom Brigade could use something like that