Some my thoughts after 20h

In-game sound volume dont change sound of starting intro (short video after game launch with BYG logo ).
Much, much more time for mech repair - this will make need in not only 4 mechs and will make our supplies bank not so big at the begining (its allready mentioned by other players).
Where the sound of victory after winned battle? :slight_smile:
During shooting building destroying parts fall off much after (1-1.5 seconds) bullet hit it.
Difficulty level is really low - 2/10 for me, now on level 13 after 20h.
To many scrap details, even just after 3-4 fights.
Shield too imbalance - only sniper without him and he dont need at all. Hope in future there will be several options of shields with different weight and different sizes (its toooooo light for now).
Dual wield - good way to buff handgunds and other small weapons, that just dont need allmostly.
Game need more unexpected fights, with much worst positions for our mechs.
Enemy reinforcements come to slow - player have enough time for reposition his mechs. Faster and more reinforcemets will make more dynamic/reposition things + more hard situations, which is really not a lot.

Overall now its really cool to play, but without upscaling difficulty with not just numbers of damage or other stats - it will be boring after 20-30 hours.