Something screwy with the Z-levels on the Fort map

Several of the low buildings on the new fort map seem to be impervious to crashes (the physical kind, not the software kind). I’ve circled them on this image. I don’t know these are the only buildings that this applies to (in this map or elsewhere), but these are the buildings I’ve noticed exhibiting this behavior. I’ve seen units clip into them without taking damage or breaking the building.

Now here’s where it gets weird. See the green circle? I tried to punt a tank into that building with a dash.

The tank’s trail of destruction passed over the building, one Z-level too high, as far as I can tell.

In particular, the tank sliced through the building behind it +1 Z-level, despite visually staying at ground level the entire time.

No idea why this happened. The tank never appeared to be at +1 Z-level, it just slid through those buildings like normal.

No more mid-battle saves but here’s the log:
jayallenlogs111820-getonmyzlevel.7z (9.7 KB)

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Great eye @JayAllen! I’ll add this to our bug list…