Starter feedback

Just my quick thoughts after playing a few days. I won’t repeat anything i’ve read in the forum, unless i want to specifically stress it.

In general

  • the tactics model and puzzle solving is great
  • sound and graphics are great
  • tactical battles are a lot of fun
  • mech modification is good
  • balance is mostly fine afaik
  • quite hard in the first 5 missions especially for first timers, then starts to get increasingly easy

What bugged me most is that in the current state the world feels kind of empty as the commander. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a great time.

Just some thoughts:
Meta stuff

  • Difficulty spikes very early with 2 units, gets easier fast.
    – Make the start easier for people to get into the game
    – Enable / add to mission types with limited mechs (count and weight class). I love the two mech missions.
    – Endgame challenge is very important. Scale enemies harder at least in key missions depending on player equip (and difficulty setting ofc.).
    – Make the player struggle.Thats what keeps nerds like me at bay, but also throw in the easy missions in between.
  • Definetly add some elite missions where for some units (1-2 “bosses”) the enemy action line is not visible or only partially (ECM, whatever to call it. I know there is a discussion around this topic.).
  • Add a need for multiple mechs, e.g. by adding restrictions on weight classes/max mass (think swamp missions or bridge battles), station mechs in some territory if there are uprises of the evil ones, etc.
  • If there is enough intel show the player the map before mission start, or at least tell them the type of terrain (hills, urban, flat, open…) so that they can select the right mechs/weapon selection for that mission. Would also improve on the use of more than four mechs. Right now i mostly go 3 shotgun/shield and 1 midrange mech. Snipers i rarely find more usefull. Maybe a few more open maps would counteract that. So i only equip 4 mechs.
  • Improve player identification with the world by naming stuff and giving faces to things, e.g. the mobile base. Also every mech needs an icon and your mobile base need a flag/icon/some identification symbol.

Meta maybe things aka. wet mech-phantasies

  • Make a career mode like in Battletech, where you join one faction (chosen at start or as mercenaries with payment) and fight for them.
    Collect the fight results on a central server and connect them to the larger map with shifting influences/territories of the different factions.
    Can also include campaigns to change the fate of a region. Possibly as dlc or expansion.
  • In a career/faction war setting make the player start as private as just one soldier controlling one mech (player can choose equipment set), and the AI controls the other 3 mechs. You need to go along with the AI facing other factions. Depending on performance the player will be promoted and eventually control the whole team.
  • Add a mode (career or after-campaign or something else) which runs forever with enemies skaling ever more (think Diablo 3) for nerds who cannot get enough and need the challenge.
  • Add missions where you support an AI team on your side.
  • Add bigger enemy bossmechs with lots of hp and aoe weapons.
  • Expansion/DLC with monsters invading, Aliens or Mutants as enemies (classic robot vs. monster stuff like Pacific Rim). You get a report on an iminent threat in your territory, can send 1-4 your units there and then try to engage. If not you will be punished by uproars/rebellions or by demotion (if it is a career mode).
  • In later stages enable scenario building by players and at best integrate really good player build scenarios/missions or even campaigns into the game

Small things

  • Increase heat cost of dashing drastically and/or force a cooldown after usage, it’s too good.
  • Make Run orders slideable on the timeline, and autofill with wait.
  • Enable targeted shooting of mech areas? Unsure on that one.
  • Make facing / protecting damaged parts of your mechs more prominent (turn away, etc.). Right now it feels just like random locations are hit.
  • Add an action like “duck/cover” for times where mechs do neither shoot nor move giving a small defensive bonus from larger distances
  • Detailed mech and/or pilot statistics, pilots: shot down mechs/tanks and possibly type,
  • Detailed debriefing with damage taken, damage dealt, damage per weapon etc.
  • The world feels a little empty, maybe enable some kind of chatter while travelling between pilots with stories, or let pilots influence the story . If there was a pool of recruitable pilots this would improve replayability drastically.
  • A technical issue: time jumps to “fast” sometimes and it’s not directly evident to player, e.g. after saving sometimes. This wastes ingame time.

It is a great game already and I’m having a lot of fun.

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