Storage Bug - Resources 'disappearing' when workers dropping off from mine?

Build Number / Patch Number: p21244

Seed Number: 1463010142

Type of Bug: Storage and pathfinding

Blocking Progression: no

Result of Save/Load: “kinda”


  • load latest quicksave
  • Look inside factory at Kat-95
  • Workers are moving minerals from mine to factory
  • Global counter for minerals increasing
  • Local counter for minerals in factory is static

Note this save is an upgraded one from 6.1 to 6.2 from my previous bug reports about the Transport Hubs. Was trying to see if both the upgrade bug (this issue seems to be fixed) and the truck disappearing bug was fixed on a reload (this bug seems to persist in the save). So there might be issues here from the ugprade or the save itself being just messed up.

Also of relevance, as per my previous bug report, I restarted the game using the autosave from 10:34pm, since one of the things I was trying ot test was the “upgrades removes all trucks” bug. Just so when looking at the saves, its not actually chronological.

The included mp4 shows that

  1. there are no other jobs being worked on that would consumer minerals
  2. Minears are deposited then ‘disappear’ constantly from the storage bin
  3. The counter for minerals keeps incrementing
  4. workers still nto using trucks
  5. Also weirdly in the video workers are moving minerals from like one side fo the factory to the other for some reason? You’ll notice they pick up minerals from the ‘left’ then move it to the ‘right’ for some reason. I think at one point the worker moves minerals from one side of the storage container to the other side of the same container. Maybe the container I have selected is bugged in some weird way?

Basically the workers are forming a conga line from the mine to the factory to drop off resources but… not really? If you let the save go for long enough the conga line stops and the workers move on to clearing up waste (the mine likely has been emptied past its 10 resource limit I woudl guess)

I’m likely going to start a new save given the transport hub issue still persists after basically obliterating all transport hubs and rebuilding them. The save might just be bugged too badly.

Industries of Titan 2020-11-06 21-27-03_Trim.7z (2.9 MB)
GameData.7z (667.9 KB)