Stuck at 4 pilots

Not sure if this is by design or something else.
I set combat simulations to SquadSize6.

During Deployment it says I can use 6 units but I cant click them.
I can move units around but cant have more than 4 slots filled

Hmm, it’s possible there is some issue with the new UI nod playing nice with mods. I can look into it for you.

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Did a full reinstall. Removed all files under My Documents also. Still the same effect. Other than Liveries, I have no changes.
I did notice that Configs\Data\Settings\Simu;ation is missing ‘activeSquadLimit’ on the reinstall.
using an older file screws up the UI and does not fix the Sqaud Limit.

IS anyone having this issue but me??
Hopefully Byg_alexa can figure it out

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hi. just checkng if you aere able to duplicate the issue

Hi there @edward404 - sorry for the delay, company went on a (much needed!) break :slight_smile: It is very likely that that specific encounter has a parameter that needs to be set to 6 as well. Hope that fixes it for you!

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Glad you guys got some time away. Hope it was fun and restful.
I cant seem to get those last two slots to work no matter what mission I go on.
Even remove and reinstall of everything doesnt fix it. Im at a loss. No one else is complaining so somehow its just me

You may have to remove all files manually (including your save file probably :frowning:) and then reinstall from there. Keep a backup of your save file just in case though!

Ok. I give up. I did the removal and reinstall twice
No change. I can only use slots 1-4. Thanks for trying

After further discussion with a programmer, it seems this is actually a bug (and not something that only you would be experiencing!) We won’t be able to fix for a while though, unfortunately :frowning:

Thanks for getting back to me
Glad to know it’s not just me.
I can wait. Resigned myself to just dealing with it when I thought it was me

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